GTA Online is a gigantic game. There are just so many quests and features the player could experience that choosing between them is actually pretty hard. In this article, we would list out the top 5 mistakes that a new player should avoid making when starting out in GTA Online.

1 - Buying too many expensive/fast vehicles

It is best to go slow and steady. In GTA Online, an armored vehicle is much more useful in missions, as other players might attack you. There are not many modes in which a fast car could be more useful than an armored one.

Kuruma Armored
The Armored Kuruma is probably the most cost-effective vehicle you can buy

Just get the Armored Kuruma first to cover your bases - you can get racing cars later.

2 - Wasting money on bad businesses

Not all businesses are created equal - some are much better than others. Players should look up the business they are interested in to see if its potential payout is worth the investment. Just stick with a few but highly upgraded businesses instead of multiple half-assed ones.

Businesses in GTA
Top 5 best businesses to buy when starting out in GTA Online

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3 - Don't focus too much on Heists

While doing heists is cool, they take a lot of time to prep and complete. Furthermore, to do heist in GTA Online also requires other people, which can be unreliable at times. You need to maintain a good balance between heists and normal jobs.

However, if you have a group of people who can grind heist efficiently, it might be a good idea to focus on heists much earlier to acquire capital for your businesses.

A heist in GTA Online

Other activities like Contact missions and Businesses can also make good money without having to rely on other people.

4 - Invest too much in weapons and upgrades

In the early game, players need to focus on the means to make money like businesses and vehicles instead of weapons. High-end guns are just marginally better than the cost-effective options... with a much bigger price tag. The #1 rule is just to get the one of every weapon class, along with a bunch of sticky bombs.

Orbital Cannon GTA Online
The most expensive weapon in GTA:O - the Orbital Cannon

New players should stick with the Special Carbine - only get new weapons after you have secured sufficient income.

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5 - Arena War Workshop

The Arena War Workshop does not provide a sufficient return on your investments. It only provides heavy customization on some of the cars, which are high-end features that you rarely use. Just focus on anything else if you are a beginner.

Arena War
Arena War is impossible to do when starting out in GTA Online

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