Some hostile mobs in Minecraft are very dangerous - they have powerful melee attacks that can incapacitate the player in just one or two hits. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 mobs with dangerous melee attacks in Minecraft 1.19

1. Warden

The Warden is the signature monstrosity that spawns inside Deep Dark Caves, summoned by Sculk Shriekers. However, players can spawn it outside of the Deep Dark by activating a sculk shrieker block three times. To get a sculk shrieker block, players need to locate them in the Deep Dark and harvest them using a silk touch tool.

Wardens drop a single sculk catalyst upon death.

Wardens are the main obstacle that players need to deal with when exploring the Ancient Cities. The warden's melee attack has a cooldown of 0.9 seconds and disables shields for 5 seconds, dealing 16 to 45 damage depending on the difficulty. If a warden cannot reach its target, it switches to its ranged attack, which is a powerful sonic boom.

2. Vindicator

A vindicator is an illager equipped with an iron axe. Vindicators appear in woodland mansions and participate in raids. They are the strongest of the illagers. They can deal up top 19 damage per hit.


Even when riding a mob, a vindicator can disable the player's shield with its axe attack. In Hard difficulty, if a player fails to land a melee attack on a vindicator that rides a ravager during a raid, the vindicator rider can deal great damage to a player without protection from a shield.

Vindicators can find their targets regardless of distance, whereas most other illagers attack on sight.

3. Piglin Brutes

A piglin brute is a hostile and stronger variant of piglins that appears in all types of bastion remnants. Unlike normal piglins, they always attack the player on sight. Brutes do not barter, do not retreat, and cannot be distracted by gold. Similar to Vindicators, they also wield axes and can deal 13 to 19 damage each hit.

Piglin Brute Minecraft
Piglin brutes call all nearby mobs to attack you.

If attacked by a mob or a player, piglin brutes will nearby piglins and other brutes. The worst part about brutes is that they have 50 HP - twice as much as a Vindicator. Their axes can also come out enchanted, which increases their damage even more.

4. Ravagers

Ravagers are large bovine mobs that appear in raids to attack players and villagers. They attack by ramming enemies with their heads, dealing damage and knockback. The damage alone makes it dangerous, especially when you have to face ravagers in a group of 3. Their ramming attacks can deal up to 18 damage in the hardest difficulty.

Minecraft Ravagers

It is best to dodge all the charges before trying to retaliate, as the second ravager might hit you when you are dealing with the first one.

5. Ender Dragon

Minecraft's final boss can only deal 15 damage with a melee attack at the hardest difficulty, which is actually quite a bit lower than the other common mobs. Its attacks are still very powerful and can smash through most blocks in the game, except for Obsidian and the End Stone.

Ender Dragon Minecraft

When the fight starts, make a beeline to the End Crystals on top of the Obsidian Pillars and destroy them. These crystals heal the Ender Dragon, therefore, you need to clear them all out in order to kill it.

To locate the End Crystals, just look for healing beams and follow them back to the source. Shoot the crystals with arrows until they are destroyed.

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