When it comes to the problem of environment and climate change, education is one of the key solutions to deal with it. The genius behind the two new games — Jupiter & Mars and Eco — has had an outstanding move which is using video games to raise people's awareness about this issue, considering that the percent of Americans playing video games is up to 65%.

Jupiter Mars 1
The game Jupiter & Mars

At the GamesBeat Summit 2019 took place last month, we were honored to have the heads of the studios creating those games attend and deliver a speech. The talks demonstrate the different approaches taken in raising people’s awareness about the problem of the environment, especially climate change via video games.

Maxresdefault 1
The game Eco

Sam Kennedy, the CEO of Tigertron – a game developer that concentrated on the environment – and Amy Jo Kim – the creator of games such as The Sims and also the founder of Game Thinking - have given a talk at the end of the conference.

The new creation of Tigertron made its appearance on Earth Day (April 22, 2019), available on PSVR and PlayStation 4. The profits from Jupiter & Mars will be contributed to charities that contribute to the environment.

Jupiter And Mars
Jupiter & Mars will let you swim with a whale

Ui Third Person Map Layers
The world of Eco is waiting for you to explore

Eco is a simulation game for multiplayer, made by Strange Loop Games’ team of Krajewski. Players are required to collaborate to prevent a meteor from shattering a planet. The game is the result of the cooperation of Strange Loop Games and several universities, having the U.S Department of Education’s grant. The fundraising for the game took place on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. The company introduced Eco in early 2018 on Mac, Windows, and Linux.