Ubisoft just released a Rainbow Six Siege animation video on their official Twitter page to promote the 2 Indian new operators in the game. Note that, they have never done this kind of animation before so the community was really excited about it.

The new animation about Kali and Wamai on Ubisoft Twitter

The animation shows Wamai and Kali in action while revealing a little about their background story, who they work for, and their special abilities. Wamai and Kali were agents for an Indian private military company called Nighthaven. Kali is also the owner of Nighthaven. As they saved the Argus super-tanker when it was invaded by a group of pirates, they were recruited to become a member of the Rainbow team.

As the video shows us how they saved the Argus, we get to see their special abilities in action. Wamai has an electronic device called the Mag-Net, which releases powerful electromagnets to interrupt projectiles and redirect them to another target. With this ability, Wamai can defense himself pretty well by making enemies' grenades and projectiles such as missiles useless or even turning all those weapons against them.

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege Nighthaven Collectio
Wamai setup his gadget

As for Kali, she is an elite sniper. She uses the CSRX 300 rifle, which can shoot through multiple layers of walls. With one shot in the chest, it can down an opponent. With one shot in the head, it will kill them immediately. It can also launch LV Explosive Lances that burrow into walls and explode. This weapon doesn't deal much damage but it can destroy all gadgets in its vicinity.

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege Nighthaven Collectio
Kali uses the CSRX 300 rifle

This animation video is a fresh breath for all Rainbow Six Siege fans and lots of people want more of these to come in the future. Some even want to make a new animated TV series show out of this.