PUBG weapon tier list has small changes after the coming of the new sniper gun Mosin Nagant. The new sniper gun has pretty similar stats as the legendary sniper gun Kar98K. Here is the weapon tier list in PUBG Mobile this month. Check it out here with

PUBG Weapon Tier List On May 2020

Weapon tier lets you know how powerful the gun is. This weapon tier list divides the gun collection into 5 groups, from S to D. The weapons in the S tier are the most powerful guns, and the guns in the group D are much weaker.

Pubg Awm
AWM is the strongest sniper gun in PUBG

AWM, Groza, and M249 are the three strongest weapons in PUBG with great damage. You can kill an enemy with a headshot with an AWM bullet. Groza and M249 are the two strongest assault rifle guns in this game. 

M24 Is The Second Strongest Sniper Gun In This Gam
M24 Is The Second Strongest Sniper Gun In This Game

In A tier, there are M24, Mosin Nagant and Kar98K, SKS, SLR, Mk14 EBR, and Mini14. Most guns in group A are snipers or semi-sniper guns. Obviously, snipers still dominate this game. It’s possibly because sniper guns are hard to use and used in long-range combat. So, these guns need great damage and accuracy. 

Akm One Of The Strongest Ar Guns
AKM one of the strongest AR guns

Most of the strongest assault rifle guns are in B Tier, such as M416, AKM, SCAR-L which is only available on Erangel and Miramar maps. Besides, M16A4, QBZ, Beryl M762, and Mk47 Mutant. These 5.56 and 7.62 assault rifles are strong. But 5.56 guns are easier to use and control. Because 7.62 weapons have a greater recoil rate. 

Uzi Is Ranked In C Tier
Micro UZI Is Ranked In C Tier

Then, C Tier has S1897, Vector, Micro UZI, Tommy Gun, DP-27 (only available in the military base on Erangel), and S686. This tier has a wide range of weapon genres, from shotguns, SMG, to AR guns. In D Tier, there are VSS, Winchester, and SK12. 

Vss Has Weak Damage
VSS is the weakest sniper gun in PUBG