Enchantments are super useful buffs that players can add to their weapons in Minecraft. They are crucial in Player vs Player, where a few extra damage points could be the difference between victory and defeat. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 7 useful enchantments in Minecraft PVP.

1. Sharpness

Sharpness is the obvious choice for sword enchantments in Minecraft. You need to have max level sharpness for the highest DPS possible.

In Java Edition, Sharpness adds 0.5 * level + 0.5 extra damage. In Bedrock Edition, each level of Sharpness adds 1.25 extra damage. At max level, players can get up to +3 damage to their weapon with this enchantment.

Sharpness Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft
Sharpness is the most important amongst all weapon enchantments in Minecraft PVP.

2. Protection

Another all-rounder useful enchantment in Minecraft, the best part about protection is that it reduces all damage, from weapon to fire, lava and even fall damage. The protection enchantment is applied after the armor's damage reduction.

The formula for damage reduction is (4 × level)% for each armor piece. The max level is 4, which means for 4 pieces of armor with protection IV, players can get up to 64% damage reduction. All damage reduction has a hard cap of 80%.

With this remarkable feature, protection IV is considered Minecraft's best armor enchantment at the moment.

3. Thorns

Thorns, while underused in PVE, is actually one of the more useful enchantments In Minecraft PVP. It causes attackers to be damaged when they deal damage to the wearer. Multiple worn armor items with the Thorns enchantment do stack, each with an independent chance to reflect damage.

While the enchantment deals only 4 damage max, it is still better than nothing.

4. Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect is a sword enchantment that sets the target on fire. It is great for hit-and-run PVP, as opponents' HP would be whittled down gradually even if he back off. Targets receive 3 and 7 damage with levels I and II of Fire Aspect.

Fire Aspect
Burn enemies with Fire Aspect

Furthermore, fire damage is not affected by armor. Enemies need to have either protection or fire protection enchantments to reduce damage taken. The fire effect can also be used to track targets in dark places.

5. Piercing

This is an extremely useful enchantment if you are using a crossbow in PVP. Piercing allows arrows to deal more damage if it pierces through one opponent. This allows your shots to bypass shields and render them useless.

In combat, piercing is essential in dealing with heavily armed foes with shields. You would be able to shoot them with tipped arrows, inflicting damage and debuff even if they block the shot.

6. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing makes players' dropped items disappear when they are killed. This is an enchantment to prevent your weapons from falling into enemies' hands. In fact, there's another way to keep items when dying in Minecraft but Curse of Vanishing is still the easiest way to stop other players from looting your stuff after death.

Minecraft Curse Of Vanishing
This way opponents won't be able to take your items.

7. Punch

Punch is an enchantment for a bow that increases an arrow's knockback, much like the Knockback enchantment for melee weapons. It is one of the main reasons that the bow is a viable weapon in Minecraft PVP.  The further away from you they are, the less they will be able to hit you in melee combat.

At max level, Punch adds 6 blocks of distance to the base knockback.

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