Vicious Circle is an uncooperative multiplayer shooter game developed and published by Rooster Teeth Games. In a colorful universe, you will play as a mercenary to collect as much loot as possible or play as a giant mutant monster who trying to kill all other people. If you are a mercenary, there will be a few people there with you too, your competitors. but none of you can take on the monster by your self and in the game, only one player will win,  the one who has the most loot or the monster. So what should you do?

As a mercenary, you will need to work with other mercenaries to survive, however, don't go soft on them as they will do the same to you. Mercenaries can't harm each other, but you can use the environment around you to slow them down or use your own items to get ahead of the others. And don't worry if you die, as you will come back instantly as a small, fast monster. All you have to do then is to possess the body of another player to come back to the game, and of course, other players can do that to you too. "Just remember what goes around comes around."

Vicious Circle Rtx Gameplay Trailer Rooster Teeth
You will turn into a little monster if you die

If you are the monster, your goal is much simpler, try to kill everyone. But facing them all at the same time is definitely not a wise move. You should wait until they split up and kill them one by one or storm in while they are fighting each other. Along with a massive body, you will have powerful abilities to make sure that none of them can beat you alone.

Vicious Circle Rtx Gameplay Trailer Rooster Teeth
One player will be the monster and try to kill everyone

Join forces with others if you need to, but remember to watch your back and don't hesitate to play dirty when you have the chance.

Vicious Circle Rtx Gameplay Trailer Rooster Teeth
Only one player will win so don't be afraid to play dirty

Vicious Circle will be released for PC through Steam on August 14. As for the moment, there is a free Beta Test version of the game on Steam right now for you to try out. Be quick, because the Beta Test is going to end soon.