According to the announcement of Roofkat, their WarpThrough game will be released on PC later this year. The independent developer has said that this debut game will launch via and Steam.


About WarpThrough

WarpThrough is a game built on a 2D platform. When participating, you will need to jump from portal to portal through the arena. Your job is to increase your score and warp through dimensions. The task is not straightforward when monsters appear everywhere on different levels. You need to quickly destroy them before they overwhelm you because the number of monsters is too many.

The character who started the game is named Charlotte. Every time she woke up, she would see monsters invading and destroying her world. Especially these monsters come from other dimensions. Her father designed a space machine to travel across different dimensions. However, it swallowed her best friends Three and Ebbie, along with her dog Ebbie, Ball Ball. Because of that, she decided to use her father's machine to save her friends from those spaces and destroy the monsters.

Warpthrough interface
WarpThrough interface

Great features in the game

When playing the game, you will rarely get a break because there is danger lurking around everywhere. Charlotte always had to choose to stand on the ground to defend against monsters or make a leap into other dimensions.

Charlotte's punch is powerful, causing the opponent to fly in 4 directions with a blast of fire. In particular, her recovery will make her powers multiply, although this is a difficult task.

It is expected that WarpThrough will be launched on PC by the end of this year, 2019. Hopefully, the game will bring exciting experiences to global players.