The sequel to Wasteland 2 would be released in about half a year – it is about time for you to try out the previous game before its release. As part of the Winter Sale event on GOG, the Deluxe Edition of Wasteland 2 is free to download and keep – until the end of tomorrow, Dec 13. This version of the game also contains various goodies like the soundtrack and artbook. The Winter Sale of GOG is one of the earliest storefront sales in the Christmas season, as Steam’s annual holiday sale is next week.

Wasteland 2 was a modern-day franchise revival of the original Wasteland from 1988. Developed by inXile entertainment after a successful Kickstarter, Wasteland 2 received generally positive reviews from both critics and fans.

Wasteland 2 Wallpaper 2
Explore a different version of Wasteland America

Gameplay-wise, Wasteland 2 is a CRPG, similar to the original Fallout games from Black Isle. The combat is primarily party and turn-based, with 7 slots maximum for 4 party members and 3 NPCs. As CRPGs go, all player characters are highly customizable, with personal backgrounds, ability, and perks easily modified.

The four default members of the squad

The writing was the most highly praised part of the game, however. The events of both Wasteland games take place in a dystopian future, on the nuclear wasteland of the United States. The world was destroyed during the nuclear war between the US and the Soviets in 1988. You would play as a squad of Desert Rangers, one of the last few bastions of Civilization and sanity, taking on a mission to investigate the mysterious death of a squad member and accomplish the mission in his stead.

1036645 Screenhi 930x524 En Us 02
An in-game encounter with the squad getting ambushed

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