In Starfield, much like in many contemporary role-playing games, players don't just customize their character's appearance but also shape their character's personality during the character creation process. Although this personality choice doesn't significantly impact gameplay in the long term, it does determine the initial set of three skills that the player begins the game with.

Consequently, selecting the optimal Background in Starfield becomes crucial for those aiming for the best possible start. There are a total of 21 Backgrounds, each with its distinct theme and backstory. Some cater to specific playstyles, while others provide a broader range of skills that are likely to be appealing to both newcomers and casual players.

What Are the Best Backgrounds in Starfield?

The optimal Starfield backgrounds will differ from one player to another, contingent not only upon their individual strengths and weaknesses but also on their intended approach for the current playthrough. Nevertheless, certain starting skills prove notably more advantageous than others, prompting players to consider this when selecting their character's Background.

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What Are the Best Backgrounds in Starfield?

The reassuring aspect is that players will eventually have the opportunity to unlock all the starter skills in Starfield, relieving any concerns about missing out in the long term. Nonetheless, it remains prudent to contemplate which skills will be most beneficial in the early stages and which ones will become indispensable down the line. In light of this, there are a few backgrounds that truly shine.


Among the Starfield Background options, Diplomat is unique in providing immediate access to the Commerce skill. This valuable skill enables players to secure better prices when selling items and make more cost-effective purchases. Consequently, it's a skill that players will certainly aim to acquire at some point during their playthrough.

The Persuasion skill proves advantageous in navigating challenging situations and proves beneficial relatively early in the game. On the other hand, Wellness boosts the player's maximum health, which, while not crucial, can be beneficial. This is especially true for those who excel in combat or prefer diplomatic or stealthy approaches to avoid combat altogether, as having a bit of extra health can always come in handy.

Space Scoundrel

Players will quickly acquire a pistol shortly after selecting their Background, highlighting the significant early-game utility of the Space Scoundrel's Pistol Certification. Pistols maintain their relevance as one of the most commonly encountered weapons throughout the game, ensuring the skill's ongoing usefulness even as players access different weapon types.

Starfield Pr Mountain
Space Scoundrel


Persuasion stands out as a top-tier skill in Starfield, capable of rescuing players from tight spots. Additionally, Piloting allows players to harness their ship's thrusters, a potentially game-changing advantage in ship-to-ship combat. All three of these skills prove valuable during the initial phases of the game.

Bounty Hunter

Yet another Starfield Background, inspired by Star Wars, is the Bounty Hunter, which places a heavy emphasis on technology. All three of its initial skills belong to the Tech skill tree in Starfield. Piloting simplifies space navigation in the Frontier by immediately providing access to the ship's thrusters. Targeting Control Systems empowers players to selectively target and disable specific parts of enemy ships, a valuable asset during aerial skirmishes. Lastly, Boost Pack Training, as the name implies, equips players with the ability to utilize boost packs.


The Industrialist is another Starfield Background that offers players the crucial Persuasion skill, which is indispensable for virtually any playthrough. This Background further facilitates crafting and research by bestowing players with the Research Methods skill. Additionally, those who choose the Industrialist background will commence the game with Security, which, among its functions, enables players to engage in lock-picking. While the significance of the latter two skills may not fully manifest until players unlock more abilities for themselves, they are certainly skills that players will want to acquire eventually, making early acquisition a sensible choice.

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All Backgrounds in Starfield

For those interested in making a direct comparison of all Starfield Backgrounds, you can easily achieve this by consulting the table provided below. Upon examination, you'll notice that Fitness, Persuasion, and Security stand out as some of the game's most prevalent skills. This observation might suggest that the developers regarded these skills as highly valuable or desirable among the 25 starter skills. If one were to adopt this perspective, then Bouncer and Industrialist could be considered two of the most superior Backgrounds in Starfield.

Background Skill #1 Skill #2 Skill #3
Beast Hunter Fitness Ballistics Gastronomy
Bouncer Boxing Security Fitness
Bounty Hunter Piloting Targeting Control Systems Boost Pack Training
Chef Gastronomy Dueling Scavenging
Combat Medic Pistol Certification Medicine Wellness
Cyber Runner Stealth Security Theft
Cyberneticist Medicine Security Lasers
Diplomat Persuasion Commerce Wellness
Explorer Lasers Astrodynamics Surveying
Gangster Shotgun Certification Boxing Theft
Homesteader Geology Surveying Weight Lifting
Industrialist Persuasion Security Research Methods
Long Hauler Weight Lifting Piloting Ballistic Weapon Systems
Pilgrim Scavenging Surveying Gastronomy
Professor Astrodynamics Geology Research Methods
Ronin Dueling Stealth Scavenging
Sculptor Medicine Geology Persuasion
Soldier Fitness Ballistics Boost Pack Training
Space Scoundrel Pistol Certification Piloting Persuasion
Xenobiologist Lasers Surveying Fitness
[FILE NOT FOUND] Wellness Ballistics Piloting

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