Tool Up is a top-down co-op game by The Knights of Unity. You will be working with up to 3 of your other friends to fix the apartment of customers and work your way up to the top of a skyscraper. You can check out the trailer of Tool Up! below.

The game has the style of Overcooked which you will have to complete a mission with your friends within a time limit. First, you will be given a blueprint and you will have to build a house that exactly matches the blueprint.

Tools Up Official Release Date Trailer 2019 Pc Xbo F6c6_wm
Finish the building on time to make the owner happy

There are a billion things to do to get all the works done such as moving items into other rooms, changing wallpapers, painting the walls,... Team up with your friends (or secretly screw them) to give the owners of these build a house of their dream. If the campaign starts to become boring, you can check out the Party Mode, which will let you play any level you want.

Tools Up Official Release Date Trailer 2019 Pc Xbo Dfdd_wm
You are not a hardcore renovator and just want to mess up with your friend? That is totally acceptable

Key Feature:

  • You will start the game with 4 four characters, but more will be unlocked as you play the game more.
  • The game features a fun and playful art style.
  • The game allows you to be free to do whatever you want, be it a hardcore renovator or a furniture pusher. It is totally fine to mess things up.
  • Throwing stuff to another person in another room. Just make sure to clean it up afterward.
  • The higher the level, the more things you will have to look out for such as cats, dogs or even different environments.

Tool Up! will be released on December 3 for PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One, Switch with a price of $19.99.