Wrath of the Lich King is an expansion for World of Warcraft that is loved by fans and considered the golden era of the game, so it was just a matter of time when Blizzard decided to bring it back for their World of Warcraft Classic. And so, it is finally here, and we present a Wrath of the Lich King Classic Leveling guide, made by WowVendor.

Wrath Of The Lich King Classic Hd Scaled

There are two primary ways of getting experience in WoW Classic — it is either open-world questing or dungeon leveling. And when it comes to choosing one of them, the dungeons are the best way for the fastest leveling in WoW. If compared to each other in terms of received exp per hour, you need to complete a quest every 7-10 minutes to get an amount equal to an hour of dungeon farming. This is a rough number, which depends on a lot of factors like your class, team composition, gear, optimal routes, etc., but if all that matters to you is speed, then dungeons are the way. Another reason why dungeons are better — due to the high player influx, WotLK leveling zones are going to be overcrowded, making it hard to keep up with a good questing pace.

However, not all of them are equally good places to grind exp. Some are too long; others have annoying bosses who can wipe your party, making you waste your precious time. After doing some research, we made a list of the best dungeons to farm. We also provide info on related quests and their prerequisites, meaning you can use it as both Alliance and Horde leveling guides. So don't forget to grab them for some extra rewards. Our advice is to skip long quest chains unless you have downtime between your runs.

Best dungeons of WotLK for leveling

Utgarde Keep (Lv. 68–73)

There are 3 quests for Horde and 2 for Alliance players, with one for each faction requiring to do a chain first.

As a Horde player, you can take Ingvar Must Die! and Disarmament right at the beginning of the dungeon from Dark Ranger Marrah. As was mentioned before, to get the third one, Horde players need to complete a lengthy chain, which is started by High Executor Anselm (Howling Fjord, 78.6;31.2) with a quest War is Hell. The chain is 7 quests long, and finishing it opens A Score to Settle.

As an Alliance player, your first quest, Disarmament, can be taken from Defender Mordun (Howling Fjord, 59.6;49.0), just outside of the Keep. To get the second, you need to do several quests first, starting with Macalroy (Howling Fjord, 61.0;62.6) and his Hell Has Frozen Over. You don't need to finish the chain — Rescuing the Rescuers is the last one you have to do. After, you can speak with Scout Valory (Howling Fjord, 56.0;55.8) to get Fresh Legs. This will lead you back to the previously mentioned Defender Mordun, but now he has Into Utgarde! for you.

Ahn'Kahet (Lv. 73–76)

2 here and none of them require any prerequisite to be done. The Faceless Ones can be taken from Kilix the Unraveler (Dragonblight, 26.2;50.6), right at the summoning stone. Getting the other, Funky Fungi, is a little bit tricky since it requires you to loot an item from a Savage Cave Beast enemy inside the dungeon. What you are looking for is the Ooze-covered Fungus. Use this item to get a task.

Gun'drak (Lv. 76–79)

While there are a total of 3 quests available for Gun'drak, 2 of them require some other quests to be done first. The one without any requirements, One of a Kind, can be taken from Chronicler Bah'Kini (Zul'Drak, 70.0;21.0). Another, For Posterity, is also taken from this NPC, but to make it appear, first you have to take and complete Just Chekin' from Chronicler To'Kini (Zul'Drak, 59.8;57.8). To get the third one you need to complete a chain, which is started by getting a Strange Mojo item from open-world enemies like Champion of Sseratus, Priest of Sseratus, or Drakkari Snake Handler. Note that this chain is 26 quests long, with the final — Gal'darah Must Pay, being the one we're looking for. It's going to take several hours to complete this chain, so it's better to just ignore it.

Utgarde Pinnacle (Lv. 79–80)

The last position on our list can offer you two missions to complete. Both Junk in My Trunk and Vengeance be Mine! can be taken from the same NPC — Brigg Smallshanks. He awaits you inside, right at the start.

Although some didn't make it to our list, it doesn't mean they should be ignored. Complete some at least once to do related quests and get extra rewards.

Azjol-Nerub (Lv.72)

Death to the Traitor King and Don't Forget the Eggs given by Kilix the Unraveler (Dragonblight, 26.2;50.6) waiting right outside of the dungeon.

Violet Hold (Lv.75)

Start by speaking with Rhonin (Dalaran, 31.6;48.8) and taking Discretion is Key. This will lead you to Warden Alturas (Dalaran, 61.8; 62.2), who gives you Containment.

Halls of Stone (Lv.76)

Halls of Stone can be taken inside by speaking with Brann Bronzebeard. Since that is an escort mission, make sure you and all of your party members took the quest before starting the escort.

The final advice of this WotLK leveling guide is to consider farming dungeons as a party of 4 players instead of 5. That way, each group member is going to get much more experience. Of course, such a method fully depends on your party gear, classes, and personal player skill. For example Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior, Unholy Death Knight, Fire Mage, or Balance Druid are some of the best classes in Wrath of the Lich King for dungeon leveling and they can easily cover the lack of extra DPS in a group. So, if you play such a spec, don't be shy, try to do “4-manning” runs.

In the end, it's up to you to decide how to level. Just don't forget to have fun while doing so, okay? And if this WoW Classic leveling guide is not enough, you can always buy Wotlk boost services for save your time.

Stay warm and see you on the icy plains of Northrend.