The netizens have got familiar with countless challenges players have made to level up the difficulties of Call Of Duty: Warzone, as well as to boast about their outstanding skills. However, in recent days, a YouTuber has rocked the gaming community due to his video of teaching his dog to play this combat game.

Teach Dog Play Game 1

While other players are busy at improving their own skills, this guy chose to train his pet to play Call Of Duty: Warzone. It’s not surprising that he had to conduct countless trials, as well as receive lots of failures. However, he finally gained a success to a certain extent. That’s true. You don’t hear it wrong.

Warzone Dog

The YouTuber watched multiple videos showing that both dogs and cats can play video games. And it’s time to challenge his own loyal friend. He started his plan by modifying the keyboard in a bid to help the dog press buttons more easily.

Teach Dog Play Game 2

With two big cardboard squares, the YouTuber succeeded in creating a keyboard with one move-forward button and one fire button. During his training course, he also had to entice the dog to follow his instructions and press buttons by a large dog treat bag.

Teach Dog Play Game 3

Accordingly, he was the one to control the camera and aiming while the dog would use the two key controls in Call Of Duty: Warzone. And then, they started a match and were ready to accept the worst result.

After lots of failures, the owner and his dog gradually became a good team. Following his command, the dog managed to eliminate the first player, and of course, it deserved great treats from its owner. The YouTuber didn’t forget to send a bunch of praise to his potential dog.

Teach Dog Play Game

In the last minutes of the video, his dog completed its mission excellently: it scored up to three kills. That’s great because, Call Of Duty: Warzone, in fact, is a challenge for even some human players and must be much more difficult for a dog. Additionally, a lot of competitive players in this game are always ready to kill an amateur enemy. The success of both the YouTuber and his dog is obviously a big surprise.

Teach Dog Play Game 4

Some also have a doubt about whether the dog could actually do like that or not; however, no one can deny the video’s cuteness and get deeply impressed by the great combination of the human-dog couple.

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