We are extremely lucky to have a huge selection of online casino games to enjoy. There are many legendary slots and table games available but one of the great things about playing online casino games is the regular introduction of new games. Online casino game developers are always pushing the boundaries and the invention of live casinos is a good example of just what can be achieved in casino game design.

The question is, what goes into making a new casino game?

Research is one of the most important factors when making a new casino game. You do not want to spend a lot of time and money into creating a casino game only to see low player numbers. Online casinos are only going to offer your casino game if they believe people are going to play it and the statistics show it is being played regularly. Therefore, making a new casino game always starts with research and you must know what people enjoy playing and have a target market in mind.

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What goes into making a new casino game?

New casino game developers will never 100% copy a game that is already available online as this would be against the law. However, it is common for new casino games to be based on a previously popular game. Using a game that is already available as a basis for developing a new casino game is common practice. If you look, you will notice there are many similar slots and table games available but they each have unique features to make them different.

Having come up with a base game and simple design, all new casino games will then be thoroughly tested before they are released to the public. Casino game development companies will have a testing team in place and they will play the new game over and over again to not only make sure it is enjoyable but that it works. The idea for the new casino game may be good but there could be a flaw in the gameplay and this must be ironed out before the game is made available at casinos.

In terms of table games, the majority of new online casino table games are based on a classic game, such as blackjack or poker. As highlighted above, there are tweaks and new additions to the game that make it different to the one already available. However, even if the new game works brilliantly, there is one major factor to consider before releasing the game to the playing public and that is the house edge.

Calculating the house edge is one of the most difficult parts of making a new casino game. In most cases, for non-skilled gamers, the house edge will be between 3% and 5%. This will see the casino make a good profit but also allow the players to enjoy winning. The major casino game developers will have mathematicians available to work out the house edge as this can be extremely complex.

So, there are many aspects to making a casino game but it is a hugely rewarding experience.