TheNicoleT is a hot and sexy streamer who often makes ASMR contents on her mainstream. Recently, she had been ganked by her mom right at the climax of her streaming and had to turn it off. It left a lot of fans angry. Check out this streaming accident of Nicole here.

A Rare Live-stream Accident Of The Streamer TheNicoleT

The beautiful streamer has a sweet face and a super hot and sexy body shape. She often live-streams ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) on Twitch. Nicole has a lot of fans and followers who watch her live-streams every day. It's partially because Nicole often flaunts her sultry body in her live-streams.

Thenicolet 1
Nicole is a sexy Twitch streamer

But in the latest live-stream, Nicole had an accident and had to turn off the camera suddenly. In specific, her mother appeared behind her when she was making super sensory sounds with her microphone in front of the camera. Her mother seemed to be curious about what Nicole was doing. Meanwhile, Nicole also got confused and turned off the micro as well as left the live stream right away. It made fans disappointed and angry.

She Was Ganked By Mom When Making Sexy Sounds
She was ganked by mom when making sounds with her micro

Many audiences cut and shared this video on the internet and this story got viral soon. After this incident, many fans are worried about the situation of TheNicoleT. Some of them recommended that she should lock the door before going live with those ASMR content.

But then, Nicole uploaded the full video of that show on her ASMR channel of YouTube a few days ago. The incident was, of course, cut out from the video.

Thenicolet 2
Although she made some audiences angry by turning off the Livestream suddenly, many fans are still worried about her

Apart from the live-stream and YouTube channels, she also keeps in contact with fans on social media platforms. Here are some Instagram photos of her. Just take a look.

Thenicolet 3

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