This is not the first time we have heard about some streamers forgetting that their camera is still on, but their incidents always bring a lot of fun to our life. Let’s check out the following list of streamers with such a funny or sometimes embarrassing experience!

These streamers aren't obviously the only ones to forget to turn off the stream!

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IRL streamer JakeNBake used to study in China before moving to live in Japan. He mainly focuses on going “Just chatting” and “In Real Life” (IRL) streams. Also, two of his most favorite games include World Of Warcraft and Valorant.

In the past, Jake joined a party while continuing his stream. However, after that, he had to leave the camera in about one hour and forgot to turn off the cam. It takes as no surprise as he came back, both Jake and his friend were so drunk that he couldn’t know what to do even when he realized that his stream still continued.

Unidentified Streamer

When the camera is left on without your awareness, even something craziest in your thinking can occur. The next incident is related to an unidentified streamer and her roommate. While the female streamer was going a Twitch stream, her friend suddenly appeared behind her. It worth mentioning that the streamer’s front camera was on and her friend started to rip off her clothes.

Fortunately, the streamer rapidly realized what’s going on and turn off the camera. The incident then went viral on the Internet for a period of time.

Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis is no longer a strange name on the Internet. Apart from being a streamer on Twitch, he also works as a comedian, writer, and actor. His most popular TV show is The Andy Milonakis Show that aired on MTV2 from 2005 to 2007. While his streams mainly revolve around IRL content, he also loves playing Rust, GTA V, and some other games.

Andy went out with Greekgodx - a Twitch streamer with 10 lakh followers. It seemed that Greekgodx streamed by Andy's phone but then forgot to sign out. And Andy then didn't realize that he was streaming on the wrong channel. Right after the incident happened, he sent an apology to Greekgodx's fans!


About five years ago, Chance Sodapoppin Morris used to work as a World Of Warcraft streamer with a lot of interesting content. His streams about Blackjack tournaments also drew much attention on the Internet at that time.


One time, Sodapoppin checked settings on his computer and accidentally started a stream without any consciousness. The streamer continued to test the mic while the viewers were staring at all his moves. A few moments later, he learned what was going on and stopped the stream.


Not only known as a famous rapper, T-Pain, born Faheem Rasheed Najm, also works as a Twitch streamer. His main content is related to music. Some of his favorite games include Forza Horizon 4, Overwatch, and COD: Warzone.

Like the abovementioned streamers, T-Pain forgot to turn off the stream and started to mind his business. Until his friend made a call to him, he just realized the stream was being watched by thousands of viewers. No need to say, T-Pain must regret a lot!

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