The esports industry has grown really fast in recent years and became a multi-billion dollar industry with many opportunities for anyone to step in.

The Esports Awards was created in 2016 to acknowledge who have gotten great achievement in the year. All the people in The Esports Awards were nominated by the community through the official website of The Esports Awards. This is one of the most well-known Esports Award in the gaming community.

Stockholm International Esport Awards Winners
The Esports Awards is one of the most well-known Esports Award in the gaming community

Just recently, The Esports Awards has just released the list of nominees for the Streamer of the Year category this year, and guess what? MortaL's name was among the list with other world-famous streamers such as Pokimane, Summit1G, XQC, Dr. Lupo,...

MortaL is nominated as the 'Streamer Of The Year' in The Esports Awards

MortaL started out his PUBG Mobile streaming career more than 2 years ago and has been the most beloved PUBG Mobile streamer in India. Mortal's Youtube channel is currently having more than 5 million subscribers.

Mortal 1
Mortal is the most beloved PUBG Mobile pro player and stream in India

He not only has great skills but he is also has a  mature, calm, and likable personality, which is the main reason why people love him. He was also the winner of the PMIS 2019 and the PMCO Spring Split 2019 India.

MortaL is the role model for many people who want to be a PUBG Mobile streamer.

How to vote for MortaL?

If you are a fan of MortaL then hurry up and vote for him now so he can become the winner of the 'Streamer of the Year' category. Here are all the steps for you to vote for MortaL in The Esports Awards.

Enter the voting page of The Esports Awards.
  • Accept their uses of cookies if the website asks you.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the 'Streamer of the Year' category.
  • Click on the picture of MortaL and then Submit Vote.
Vote 1
Click on MortaL picture to choose and click Submit Vote
  • Enter your name and email and then click Submit.
Enter your name and email into the blank space and then click on Submit to send your vote

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