The gaming & esports industry is growing day by day for both professional and amateur gamers. Live streaming platforms are used by creators to share their gameplays live, get feedback, grow a community, and earn a nice income. But with the competition between Twitch vs YouTube streaming, which is the better option?

When it comes to the popularity of streaming on Twitch vs YouTube, Twitch is the undisputed industry leader. YouTube Gaming, which since last year has ceased to be an independent app, is not at a distant second place. Even Facebook, which now has its own streaming app, is moving up in third place.

Twitch vs YouTube Streaming Which Is Best

The trend is repeated in almost all statistics, and it will be quite sometime before this podium gets a shake-up. But what will be the best game streaming platform for you? Live streaming on Twitch vs YouTube shares almost the same dynamics, but there are differences that are fundamental before choosing one or the other platform.

To find out, let's go over some of the main features of Twitch streaming vs YouTube streaming and see what they can offer either spectators or users:

Twitch Vs YouTube Streaming - Which Platform is Better For You?

Twitch Vs YouTube Streaming - YouTube Gaming

Google launched YouTube Gaming in 2015, but it has gone through a lot of strategy changes since then. And the result has been some very substantial growth, although it also had its setbacks. For example, YouTube Gaming last year closed its standalone app and all content went to the Video Games section of YouTube.

Twitch vs YouTube Streaming Which Is Best

This change in strategy was intended to focus all its efforts on empowering the gaming community directly from YouTube. It didn't want to be just a casual stop for streamers but to create an entire ecosystem powered by YouTube. And this strategy was reinforced with the arrival of exclusive streamers.

For example, YouTube Gaming welcomed the addition of three famous Fornite streamers: Lannan “Lazarbeam” Eacott, Elliot “Muselk” Walter, and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter. On the other hand, Andre “Typical Gamer” Rebelo confirmed that he will continue exclusively on YouTube.

YouTube has also closed other exclusive deals that elevate the platform to a premium level. For example, in January they announced the exclusive agreement with Activision Blizzard to broadcast the most important eSports events, such as Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, or Hearthstone.

As a streamer you can:

  • monetize streams through ads, channel memberships, and other options available on YouTube
  • create an audience, although it will take time since its dynamics is focused on specific audiences
  • have educational resources to improve the channel and your audience
  • take advantage of YouTube's algorithms and system to promote yourself

Twitch vs YouTube Streaming Which Is Best

On the other hand, a negative aspect of YouTube, which has cost the platform the exit of several popular streamers, is that it is usually not very streamer-friendly with its monetization policies, and the policies themselves are very prone to sudden changes, creating uncertainty about the income they can generate.

As a spectator you can:

  • watch live broadcasts and have an interesting collection of exclusive content
  • subscribe to specific games or follow your favorite streamers and interact with them
  • receive recommendations to discover new content according to your preferences.
  • have different ways to support your streamers during broadcasts

Twitch vs YouTube Streaming Which Is Best

Twitch Vs YouTube Streaming - Twitch

Twitch needs no introduction, it is the undisputed leader of live streaming video games with a huge community of users. Unlike Facebook Gaming and YouTube, Twitch is committed to reaching a wider audience. So in the Twitch catalog, you will see a variety of content ranging from esports coverage, shows related to games, broadcasting of gameplays, among others.

And you will even find Twitch channels organizing streams to raise money for different charitable causes.

As a streamer, you can

  • monetize streams, either as a partner or affiliate, with donations, paid subscriptions, collaborations with brands, among other options.
  • have options to support other channels and vice versa.
  • implement different ways of interacting with your audience within the chat room of each stream
  • have extension systems and other tools to personalize your streams
  • have a complete moderation system

It has tons of dynamics, programs, and options that streamers can take advantage of to build their audience and enjoy the process. Twitch can be as complex or simple as you like.

As a spectator you can:

  • browse hundreds of channels divided by categories that you can subscribe to
  • see recommendations of games, channels, and streamer, according to your preferences
  • use its functions from both mobile devices and the web browser
  • interact with other users and support your favorite streamers
  • have an incredible variety of content

Twitch vs YouTube Streaming Which Is Best

Twitch Vs YouTube Streaming - The Verdict

Want to be a popular streamer? Then TWITCH is best if you can establish a following by creating content on other platforms like Youtube, Twitter, or TikTok and migrate them to Twitch (which is harder for discovery) and then bring/invite that audience to Twitch. It is the best and friendliest interface so that the user can financially support the streamer with subscriptions, bits, or donations.

Twitch vs YouTube Streaming Which Is Best

For long-term success, streaming on YOUTUBE will be the better option as it has the most potential for discovery thanks to its machine learning algorithm that can bring new viewers to streamers and make them grow. YouTube is just an interface improvement to help you achieve it.

In short, on Twitch it is very difficult to stand out as a streamer since the competition is always soaring, and on YouTube, it takes time to build an audience. So getting started on either of these platforms is a real challenge. But if you just want a community to share your impressions of your favorite games and feel close to the streamers you follow, you can choose any of the platforms.

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