Epic continues to try to find a place among other game store giants like GOG and Steam. It announced a new refund policy like Steam’s.

Within the first week of December, Epic Games Store offers various AAA and indie games. Especially, The Division 2 will be available in the store this year. Epic has a plan to bring the store to Android devices.

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The new refund policy is like Steam’s – the player will be able to return games for any reasons within 14 days of purchase and under two hours played on it. However, this system is not automated, you have to contact the player support as you want to make a return.

Sergey Galyonkin, the director of strategy at Epic, posted on Twitter that the company has also changed our refund policy and worked to develop the system more friendly to users.

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In addition, if Epic deems that the players are abusing the new policy, they most likely won’t get money back. Users have their money refunded to the payment methods they used. Depending on how they purchased something in the store, this may change.


Epic got a raft of PC exclusives and free games on its store. Ubisoft’s upcoming, The Division 2 will launch on the stores and uPlay but not Steam, perhaps it is the most appealing deal. (The Division as well as other previous Ubisoft games launched on Steam).


The Epic Games store and Steam have some key differences. The Epic Game still misses some key features that other game stores have. There are no user review, wish lists as well as categories. The company will most likely continue to release these features in the next few months.

The new refund policy makes the Epic Games Store more friendly to user and give publishers and developers a bigger chunk of revenue than Valve does.