Launching in February, Apex Legends, the latest battle royale game, is gaining more and more players all over the worlds. It was published without any initial marketing or announcement, but still becoming one of the most well-known game titles internationally. It is considered as a rival of Fortnite although it has just released this year.

Hacker is one prior matter of Apex Legends

Yet the developer of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, has been experiencing a major problem plaguing its battle royale game recently. There are hackers who defense to the anti-cheat system in the game and gain wrongful benefits during the battle.

Even Team SoloMid’s Colton ‘Viss’ Vinnier, one of the professional players, has met at least 3 cheaters in the game. Viss suddenly noticed one particular player racking up a ridiculous statistic of eliminations as he was playing with a random team.

Viss encountered at least 3 hackers in his gameplay

Viss couldn’t save his teammates from a suspected hacking team after being knocked down by one player. Before that, another hacker came in order to wipe out the kills.

TSM Viss encounters a hacker

As a result, he made a decision that to isolate the hacker along with a player named ‘mr-DaShXian’ as to see if he was cheating or not. As that hacker downed the last two players, his suspicions were confirmed. That hacker even humiliated the dead bodies with only a legend staying alive.

Viss joked that his stream should be watched by Respawn Entertainment in order to ban this unforgivable cheater. He didn’t expect it to come true. Magically, by somehow that cheater suddenly froze as he was going to be booted offline to the amusement of the TSM member’s Twitch chat.

The hacker was frozen as Viss wished

“Tell me his ass get banned – tell me Respawn is watching. Oh my god – get fucked!”, said by him before seeing the cheater disconnected suddenly.

Respawn Entertainment is trying their best in order to ban every hacker whereas working on a season one battle pass for their fans soon.