News about the Stadia – the newly introduce cloud gaming service – by Google has flooded every single tech and gaming websites, newspapers, and magazines lately. This global tech corporation is aiming to change the way this world plays games via this service.

The idea of this game streaming platform is that Google wants to bring as many games as possible for as many people as possible. It is the fact that being a gamer is really expensive with all the investments on hardware. But after you have bought your hardware, you cannot play it everywhere because powerful PCs or laptops are heavy and not portable. But with Stadia data centers, Google will handle the hardware part for you, since the job of processing the games will be on Google's cloud-processing network. The output video games will be streamed either to your Chrome browser or Chromecast.

Internet Connection Speed In India
The way Stadia works are quite simple and straightforward

According to Google's demo, you can seemingly switch between playing on your tablets, your phones, your TV, your Pixel devices or your PCs. This can be achieved because your devices will only serve as the input devices (like a controller) and output devices (like a monitor). All the processing job will not be done by your devices anymore, it will be done by Stadia.

This idea may sound incredible and innovative, but to put it into reality, the internet connection speed will be the biggest issue. Although Google promised to build the data centers for Stadia all over the world, the corporation also notified that you'll need an Internet connection with at least 25Mbps bandwidth to play games at 60FPS via Stadia. Sadly, Indian citizens don’t have that privilege yet.

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To truly enjoy Stadia, you must have an internet connection speed faster than 25mbps

In 2016, India ranked 105th of 200 countries in the world when it comes to average broadband speed. In 2017 the country made it to 97th position and to 88th position last year. That's a decent growth for the average internet speed, but it's still not enough. Right now, Indian estimated average broadband speed is about 20.7 Mbps, which is definitely not enough for this streaming system to properly function.

However, if this project got your attention, don’t lose your hope just yet. The internet speed in India is rising every year. Plus, Google will only publish Stadia in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe in this year 2019. Perhaps Google is waiting for a higher and more stable internet connection all over the world to launch Stadia.

Google Stadia Launch Date
Google's plan for Stadia in 2019