A few days ago, Michael Le Justmaiko, a popular TikToker with 4.62 crore fans was arrested after he danced on a police car’s top. Maybe he just wanted to do something special but things obviously went beyond his control.

Michael Justmaiko
This TikToker should have known what would happen if he did it.

At the beginning of the video, Michael seemed to feel uncomfortable or he could predict what would take place if he pranked the police. However, he finally decided to follow his plan with the help of his friends as supporters.

The young TikToker started to perform a dance but only a few seconds later, the cops appeared and asked him to get off the car immediately. Michael, in fact, did nothing when seeing the cops. He was then arrested and taken to the police station. It is obvious that Michael, as well as his friends, didn’t hope their plan had such a bad end.

Meanwhile, his friends hoped the cops let him go but their efforts didn’t work. They also tried to learn what would be going on with the TikToker; however, until the end of the video, they didn’t know where he was taken or any other information. One suggested that they could call 911 for help and maybe it is the easiest way at that time.

Although this TikToker didn’t violate any serious laws, his mistake must lead to corresponding punishment. Just four seconds on the top of the police car were enough for his arrest. The good news is, he wouldn’t be put in prison for a long time, but breaking the law may be never a smart plan.

Michael Le isn't a stranger on TikTok.

The incident of TikToker Michael Le Justmaiko is a reminder for streamers, TikTokers, and YouTubers who are planning to prank the cops or play with the laws to earn popularity or fame on the Internet. Don’t do the same thing if they don’t want to have the same destiny as him.

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