Coronavirus outbreak is impacting on many industries, including film and entertainment. In self-quarantine time at home, many stars keep contacting fans through posts, videos, and photos on social media, including Isha Koppikar. She keeps updating the latest looks of her on Instagram and calms down fans in the captions. Check it out here with

Isha Koppikar Contacts Fans In Self-Quarantine At Home

The coronavirus pandemic has great impacts on every field of life all over the world and also in India. There are over 114 positive cases and one death across the country. India is attempting to control the pandemic and prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Maharashtra government required cinemas, gyms, halls, malls, and swimming pools to close till March 31st.

Isha Koppikar In Self Quarantine Time At Home
Isha Koppikar In Self-Quarantine Time At Home

In addition, all films, TV shows, and shooting activities will be postponed until the end of this month. They also canceled all sporting events, film releases, concerts, and live shows as a precautionary measure in the time of the pandemic.

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The Bollywood actress encouraged fans to stay positive in this coronavirus crisis

In self-quarantine time at home, many Indian stars use social media as a contact channel with fans. They acknowledge fans about the coronavirus crisis. So does Isha Koppikar. The actress shared news about the crisis and posted photos of her self-quarantine at home. Isha also calmed her fans down in the captions with positive words and tags. She wrote in the caption:

Be positive, spread happiness, and stay at home.

The actress sent her message to fans on Twitter and Instagram, telling her followers to stay positive and happy. She also advised people to stay home for self-quarantine at this time of the pandemic. That’s also the Government’s instruction to keep people safe. All public activities and events in India will be postponed until the end of this month in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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