The biggest PUBG Mobile tournament of the year, PMCO Fall Split, has finally concluded. Bigetron RA, the Indonesian representative, crushed all opposition to take home over two hundred thousand dollars of prize money.

Bigetron has definitely put up some of the most dominant display ever in a PUBG Mobile tournament – as they are considered to be leagues above all their opposition in every aspect. Represented India in the tournament are Entity Gaming and SouL – while the latter had an underwhelming performance, the former had scored a place in the top 5.

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Entity Gaming is the new star of the PUBG Mobile Scene in India

Entity came into this tournament with an aggressive mindset, preparing to blast down all opposition with pure aggression. They never back down from any fights and that was the reason behind their first-place finish in the Regional Finals. Because of that, they persevered with the tactics.

Aman was the best player in the South Asia qualifier

Entity’s performance on the first day was splendid, with a third-place finish in the leaderboard. The team narrowly missed the chicken dinner in round 2 and round 4. After the first day, their amazing performance had netted them a whopping 32 placement points and 24 kill points.

The team’s performance dipped quite a bit on the second day, however, as they become too overaggressive. This leads to their drop into the fifth position, which would be their spot until the end of the tournament.

Entity's victory at the qualifier's final

Day 3 started similarly to the previous day, with Entity performing poorly and inconsistently. They began to get their game on towards the final rounds, however, as the squad beginning to eliminate a lot of people in the last four games. They weren’t able to score any chicken dinner despite all that.

A celebration tweet from the organization's official Twitter handle

Entity Gaming’s amazing efforts in the Fall Split’s Grand Finals definitely have breath a new life into the Indian PUBG Mobile scene. This finish was a great improvement over that of the previous season, in which the sole representative of India, Team SouL, ended up in the twelfth position. It is very clear that Indian Gaming is on the rise, and we might even see a world champion from India in the future.

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