The Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC) is back this time with another $3,500 (₹2,48,377) up for grab. The annual biggest FIFA tournament will take place in India this year. 24 best FIFA players across 15 countries in Asia will gather in India this year to compete for the title of the best in Asia.

Afgc India 02
AFGC is coming back this year to host an event in India

The qualifier stage has already started to select out the best players in India to represent the country in the international tournament. There are two types of qualifiers – online and offline tournaments. Rules between online and offline tournaments may differ here and there.

Afgc India 03
There will be 3 players to represent India in the upcoming AFGC

Online qualifiers

Saransh Jain has officially qualified for the AFGC Grand Final after winning the VBL India series. Saksham Rattan and Charanjot Singh qualified for the Online National Final. The other 14 players still need to win their own online qualifier to enter the list of 16 players in the Online National Final.

Afgc India 04
Online qualifiers will be hosted by

You can register now for the online qualifiers on The online gaming platform regulates the whole online qualifier tournament and is in charge of announcing the winner. Just register one account here and enter the list. Please note that online qualifiers have an entry fee of ₹250 for Indians.

Offline qualifiers

Another way to qualifier for the AFGC Grand Final is through the offline qualifier. 10 offline city qualifiers will be hosted across the country. Each winner will enter the list for the Offline National Final in Kolkata for a share in the $2,500 (₹1,77,412) prize pool. However, please note that the offline qualifier also comes with an entry fee of ₹500. Here are the revenue and date for each offline qualifier across the country.

Afgc India 01
Locations for offline qualifiers

What are you waiting for? If you are a true fan of FIFA, get yourself rolling now. Enter the list for a chance to represent India in the biggest FIFA tournament in Asia this year.