FIFA, as well as football, is a world-renowned favorite. It is especially popular in India as an Esports where we can participate in football matches with controllers and keyboards. And here we have some of the best FIFA players in India - Saransh Jain.

Pro Indian Fifa Won 05
Saransh Jain has won an international FIFA 19 tournament with 128 players

Recently, an Indian FIFA pro player Saransh Jain has claimed the championship title in a FIFA 19 tournament in Maldives – King Of Games. The tournament is organized by Bigalows and sponsored by the beverage brand Coca Cola. The FIFA 19 tournament aired first time this year and looked to establish itself as an annual event.

Pro Indian Fifa Won 03
Saransh Jain took home the precious trophy together with ₹22,935 in prize money

An international FIFA 19 tournament

Saransh Jain set for the event through the qualifier hosted by Lets Game Now in India. He broke no sweat and quickly stomped all 4 qualifiers, securing the ticket to the Maldives. The Republic of Maldives is not too distant from India, making travel between the two countries an easy task.

Pro Indian Fifa Won 04
The FIFA 19 tournament was endorsed by the Maldives E-Sporting Association

However, going into the tournament, Saransh met with some problems. The Indian pro usually picks France National Team as his jersey but the tournament used Clubs only format. This meant his favorite team was not on the list and he had to make it with another team. Unfazed, Saransh Jain improvised and went for Juventus.

Pro Indian Fifa Won 06
Saransh Jain adapted and overcame the problem in the tournament to lift the trophy

Though playing the tournament with a handicap, Saransh dominated all stage of the FIFA 19 tournament. He would then go on and win the ultimate grand final with the trophy and 5,000 MVR (₹22,935) in prize money. Runner-up took home half of Saransh’s earnings – 2,500 MVR.

Pro Indian Fifa Won 07
The runner-up also took home a prize of 2,500 MVR

Indians have reached out and won many international events across multiple Esports. This is a good sign showing that Esports in India is reaching a new height.