Free Fire just announced on their social media that on May 29, they screened all players from Scrim Wars and Streamers Battle with their anti-cheat system and found out a staggering number of  32 players who have used hacks. These players were then banned immediately. Not only pro players but lots of streamers were also caught for using hacks. These players were supposed to be the face of the community but sadly.

You can check out the full list of cheaters that were caught in Scrim Wars and Streamers Battle below.


From the list above, you can see that some teams even have from 2 to 3 cheaters and there are around more than 10 teams that have a cheater.

According to Garena, all these 32 players will be banned from all Free Fire tournament until May 30 next year. Their Free Fire accounts will be banned in Free Fire permanently. All the teams that have these players will be immediately disqualified from their respective categories with all prizes forfeited and awarded to the next best team.

Free Fire Bug
Not only cheaters but the game also has lots of bugs

However, according to many players, there are still many more cheaters in these tournaments that haven't been caught yet.

With this many cheaters in Free Fire tournaments, it is simply impossible for legitimate players to get anywhere near the top and it actually very demotivates to many good players out there.

Free Fire Scrim War
Cheaters are all over the place in Free Fire Scrim Wars

This is one of the biggest reasons why Free Fire can't be as big as PUBG Mobile in India. Their anti-cheat system is so bad that it cannot even stop them from ruining official tournaments. Unless Grena has a way to stop this problem, there is no way for the Free Fire esports scene in India to get bigger because of cheaters.

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