Team Nawabzaade was the champion of the Free Fire India Today 2019 and has been dominating over all other Free Fire teams in India until recently with the hacking controversy. ETG Ashwatma, the substitute player of the team was caught cheating with another player from team TSG Army a few weeks ago. Both of them were banned for one year in all Free Fire tournament.

Entity Gaming just made an announcement on their social media that they have released Team Nawabzaade from their official lineup and even asked Garena to investigate Team Nawabzaade more.

Entity Gaming released Team Nawabzaade Free Fire Roster and ask Garena to do more investigation

Team Nawabzaade joined Entity Gaming since March. Entity Gaming was the first big organization in India to take in a Free Fire pro team and it was a really big step for the Indian Free Fire esports scene. Unfortunately, this incident happened and needless to say, it hurt the reputation of Entity Gaming a lot as the pioneer in the Indian Free Fire esports scene.

A total of 8 pro players have been caught cheating in the Free Fire Scrism Wars so far and it was a staggering number. While real talented Free Fire players are struggling to be the best, these guys just cheat and take all other people's chances.

Team Nawabzaade
Team Nawabzaade was the champion of the Free Fire India Today 2019

If this continues to happen, investors and sponsors will become more and more hesitant to step in the Indian Free Fire esports scene, making it impossible for Free Fire pro players in India to keep up with their gaming career.

Free Fire also just announced their new plan to improve their anti-cheat system to detect new types of hacks and scripts as soon as possible.

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