The Wildcard Finals of Free Fire City Open 2021 are almost here. It is going to kick off at 5:30 PM IST this afternoon, July 16th. Six matches will be played between the top 12 squads from across India, with the top two squads gaining the ticket to qualify for the National Championship.

In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the Wildcard Finals of FFCO.

Qualified teams for FFCO 2021 Wildcard Finals

These are the top 12 teams that don't come from the 8 main cities - the top 2 of the Wildcard finals will participate in the Nationals.

FFCO 2021 Wildcard Finals
FFCO 2021 Wildcard Finals qualified teams
  • Titanium Army
  • Pro Nation
  • 4 Ever Cool
  • Risers
  • Shooting Stars
  • Clash War
  • Die Another Day
  • Identical
  • UMK Gamer
  • LCG-Esports
  • Huskies

FFCO Wildcard Finals Prizepool and Format


Similar to the previous city finals, the Wildcard finals also have a prize pool of 100,000 INR. The winner will get 50% of the total - 100,000 INR, the runner-up gets 25% (50k), while the 3rd and 4th places get 12.5% (25k) each.


The Wildcard finals consist of 6 matches, as usual. The rotation would be Bermuda > Purgatory > Kalahari, then repeat. While the top 4 teams get prize money, only the top 2 squads get to qualify for the National Finals. The game will be streamed on Free Fire Esports' official YouTube channel/Facebook page and Booyah App. Viewers who tune in will receive in-game items.

Results of Free Fire City Open Regional Finals

These are the 8 teams that will participate in the Free Fire National Championship. It will take place on August 15.

The winners of previous city finals were:

  • Mumbai Strikers: Galaxy Racers claimed the first prize after dominating all other squads with a 30 points lead.
  • Lucknow Warriors: AFF Esports claimed the top spot with a respectable 34 kills and 90 points, 9 more than the 2nd place.
  • Chennai Conquerors: Jallikattun TN won with a fairly convincing lead: 38 kills and 85 points, 10 more than the runner-up Slumber Queen.
  • Ahmedabad Lions: Zero Degree came out on top in the Ahmedabad finals, with only 4 more points than the 2nd spot
  • Hyderabad Nawabs: Captains demolished the other squads in the Hyderabad finals, gaining a huge lead over all other teams.
  • Kolkata Kings: seasoned veterans like Sixth Sense and Assassin Clutchgods were surpassed by the underdog Head hunters, who won in Kolkata.
  • Delhi Titans: Team OP defeated accomplished squads like Godlike, LVL iconic, and Last Breath to directly qualify for the national finals.
  • Vizag Victors: Team Last Hope emerged as the undisputed champion, with their fragger Kallu claiming the MVP with 20 kills.

The #2 to #4 in each City Finals will participate in 2 more rounds of City play-ins to pick out another 2 squads for the National finals.

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