Snapdragon Conquest: Free Fire Pro Series first matchday has just ended. In this article, we are going to showcase the Free Fire Pro Series (FFPS) Day 1 Recap.

1 - Free Fire Pro Series Day 1: Overall standings

After Day 1 of the tournament, 4 Unknown stands on top of the leaderboard with a whopping 29 kills and 110 points, Blind Esports is close behind with 23 kills and 98 points. Fan favorite Total Gaming had a pretty bad day and stuck in 19th place. However, this is just the first day and they can definitely mount a come back later.

The other squads in the top 8 like Desi Gamers or Team Elite or LVL Iconic are pretty close together in points and no teams managed to surpass the others.

top half
The top half of the point table

Joining Total Gaming Esports at the bottom of the list are Godlike, Team Chaos and Raven Esports, who haven't been performing very well. They need to avoid the bottom 6 spots in order to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

bottom half
The bottom half of the point table

2 - Free Fire Pro Series Day 1: Match Recap

  • Chemin Esports claimed the first match on Bermuda with 8 kills. However, Blind Esports was the one to top the point table with 11 frags. Blind. Ginotra is the MVP of the match, scored 8 out of his team's 11 kills.
  • 4 Unknown won the 2nd match of the day on Purgatory with 11 kills, and Anand becomes the MVP with 5 frags. Team Chaos got 2nd place with 7 frags.
  • LVL Iconic managed to claim the Booyah in the third match on Kalahari with 8 kills, however, this is nowhere near the level of Head Hunters, who finished aggressively and got 12 kills. Team D Esports managed to secure 3rd place with 9 frags. Head Hunters' Aaasim got the MVP of this match with 5 kills.
  • Blind Esports slow and steady winning the 4th match on Bermuda with 5 kills, followed by 4 Unknown with 11 kills. The MVP of the match is 4 Unknown's RadheTkr, with 7 kills to his name.
  • Ankush Free Fire Esports performed splendidly in the fifth match, with a whopping 13 kills. This is the highest number of kills a team scores in one round on day 1. Blind Esports and TSM FTX finished 2nd and 3rd with 7 and 5 kills respectively.
  • The final match of the day was won by Evil Army with 10 kills. However, Desi Gamers topped the match table with 12 frags. EA Bheem was the MVP with 7 frags.

3 - Top 4 best players in Free Fire Pro Series Day 1

Overall, 4 Unknown dominates the list, with 2/4 spots. EA-Bheem from Evil Army has shown considerable effort, with a spot in the top 4 despite his team being 9th on the point table.

  1. 4Un-RadheTkr - 4 Unknown
  2. BLD-Ginotra - Blind Esports
  3. 4Un-Anand - 4 Unknown
  4. EA-Bheem - Evil Army
4 MVPs
The 4 MVPs of the day

The Snapdragon Conquest will continue today - fans can check out the video below for the stream of the 2nd day:

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