The second day of the Free Fire Pro Series Snapdragon Conquest (FFPS) Wild Card Stage has just ended. In this article, we are going to sh0wcase everything you need to know about FFPS Wild Card Day 2, including Standings, MVPs, and more.

1. FFPS Wild Card Day 2 Recap

From the points table below, we can clearly see that Raven Esports and UG Mania has screwed up very hard on day 2, with only 20+ kills in 6 matches. PVS and Chemin continue to dominates in FFPS Wild Card Day 2, with the latter scoring a crazy score of 92 in one day.

Day 2 standings
Results of Wild Card day 2
  • Chemin Esports won the first match of the day with a whopping 14 kills. Koushik became the MVP with 6 kills. Team Nemesis played slow and steady, scored the 2nd spot with only 4 kills.
  • Chemin continues to win the 2nd match on Kalahari as well, retaining their momentum. Their victory was not as impressive as the first gam, however, with only 8 kills. PVS Gaming, on the other hand, is on fire. They topped the match standings with 18 kills, an astounding record. Chemin's Adam continues to secure the MVP of the match with 5 kills.
  • The third match saw PVS Gaming rise to the top spot, earning a booyah with 11 kills. TSM and Chemin followed close behind. PVS Ecoeco became the MVP with 4 kills.
  • In the fourth match, Team Nemesis finally managed to get first place by eliminating Chemin Esports in the final battle. However, they are still 5 points short of the 6th place.
  • The fifth match's ending was a three way battle between the best squads, with PVS Gaming clinched out the win. Ecoeco once again bagged the MVP.
  • The six and final match of the game saw Total Gaming finally come ahead. The team managed to clinch out the final Booyah of the Wild Card Stage, with Mafiabala getting MVP. The Runner up of round 6 is once again PVS Gaming.

2. FFPS Wild Card Stage Final Standings (day 1 & 2)

In this round, 12 teams from the League Stage will have another chance to reach the Grand Finals. Chemin Esports and PVS Gaming continue to dominate the point table, with a total of 301 and 291 points respectively.

These two teams prove themselves head and shoulder above the competition, with a final score of almost 100 points higher than the 3rd spot. Chemin Esports also scored 4 booyahs out of 12 matches, which means they have a crazy win rate of 33%

final standings
Final Standings of day 2 Wild Card Stage

Desi gamers and AFF Esports persevere to get 3 and 5th, respectively. UG Mania and Raven Esports failed to do that - their spots were claimed by the two fan-favorites squads: TSM and Total Gaming Esports. Both teams managed to do extremely well yesterday, with Total Gaming getting a whopping 118 points and one booyah.

3. FFPS Wild Card Day 2 MVPs

Once again yet another member of Total Gaming won the People's Choice Superstar of the Day, with a whopping 79 percent of the vote. Total Gaming's advancement to the finals would definitely make the tournament more exciting.

FFPS pro squad
FFPS Wild Card Day 2's best players of the day.

Free Fire Pro Squad of the Day:

  1. PVS Loverboy
  2. CES Ashustar
  3. PVS Eco Eco
  4. TG Delete

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