Free Fire characters play an indispensable role in the gameplay as each of them has a special ability. Without these skills, players can find it a hassle to defeat their enemies. Acknowledging that these characters are what attract and hold the players, Free Fire does not shy away from introducing new characters from time to time for a broader selection.

Recently, two new names have been added to the roster. They are called Leon and Otho, and players are all eager to get them. Both Free Fire Otho and Leon have previously been up for grabs for testing on the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server.

Free Fire Leon Otho
Free Fire Otho and Leon are the new characters in the game.

New Free Fire characters Otho and Leon released

Leon and Otho have been added to the game before. However, anytime players tap the obtain option, they will be redirected to the in-game store, following by a message that says, "This item will be available soon."

Seemingly, players will need to be a bit more patient until they can actually get these characters as the game devs have not announced how they will be able to attain them. More announcements about Leon and Otho are expected to be made soon.

Take a look at their skills below.

Free Fire Otho

  • Ability: Memory Mist (Passive)
  • Description: Otho is a memory tech engineer at this polytech university.
Free Fire Otho
Otho's ability will help players a lot in defeating opponents.

After an opponent is taken down, other enemies’ spots in a certain distance will be revealed when you use Otho’s Memory Mist skill. The higher the level gets, the larger the range players can see. Take a look at the details of every level:

1- Level 1 Range: 25%

2- Level 2 Range: 30%

3- Level 3 Range: 35%

4- Level 4 Range: 40%

5- Level 5 Range: 45%

6- Level 6 Range: 50%

Moreover, his passive ability can also come in handy in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes. Knowing the locations of opponents can help players make the next move more tactically.

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Free Fire Leon

  • Ability: Buzzer Beater (Passive)
  • Description: Leon is a rising star in the basketball scene.

Another character to be introduced in Free Fire is Leon. He has a unique skill called Buzzer Beater. The character recovers HP after making it out of a dangerous encounter. This will be very helpful in aggressive gameplay.

Free Fire Leon
Leon is also one of the newest addition into the popular battle royale game.

The amount of recovered HP will increase along with the higher level. Check out the exact information below:

1- Level 1: HP recovery:5

2- Level 2: HP recovery: 10

3- Level 3: HP recovery: 15

4- Level 4: HP recovery: 20

5- Level 5: HP recovery: 25

6- Level 6: HP recovery: 30

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