The first big Free Fire tournament of 2021 in India, the Free Fire Titan Invitational, has officially come to an end after 2 days of intensive battles between 12 invited Free Fire teams. The tournament features a huge total prize pool of Rs 25,00,000 with matches on 2 modes, Clash Squad and Battle Royale.

Free Fire Titan Invitational Final Results

The Free Fire Titan Invitational lasted for 2 days on January 16 and 17. The Clash Squad mode was played on January 17 with a prize pool of  Rs 5 lakh. The Battle  Royale mode was played on January 18 with a prize pool of Rs 20 Lakh.

  • Total  Gaming won the Free Fire Titan Invitational Day 1 Clash Squad with the final score of 3-1 with 22 kills and brought home Rs 3 Lakh.
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Total  Gaming won the Free Fire Titan Invitational Day 1 Clash Squad
  • 4 Unknown won the Free Fire Titan Invitational Day 2 Battle Royale with 3 Booyahs and a total score of 74. They brought home Rs 20 Lakh.

Free Fire Titan Invitational Redeem Code

At the end of the Free Fire Titan Invitational, the tournament revealed a surprise present for people who attend the stream. They give away a Redeem Code for everyone to use and get in-game rewards from the tournament. The code will give players a head cosmetic piece and an emote.

Screenshot Jan 18 2021 12 38 20 Am
Here is the reward of the code

Here is the redeem code: FFTI-LM65-9NZB.

This code will only available until January 17 , 2021, 23:59 IST.

Hindi Free Fire Titan Invitational Day 2 Battle Ro
The stream of the tournament reveals a redeem code for all players to use and get rewards

To redeem the code, go to the official redeem code website of Garena Free Fire. Log in using your Free Fire account (VK, Google, Facebook) and then enter the code and submit. Once you got the confirmation message, the rewards will be sent to your account within 24 hours.

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