Almost all parents believe that games are just for fun and not related to the bright future of their children. In addition, there have been lots of negatives incidents relating to games leading to their strong disagreement with this kind of entertainment. However, while eSports have rapidly developed in recent years, gamers have also partly gained a positive appreciation from their parents. And Alex Mackechnie is such an incident.

Alex Mackechnie plays games
Alex Mackechnie.

You may not know his story but that’s completely true. The 17-year-old boy has just managed to persuade his parents to allow him to leave school and begin following his dream as a pro gamer. Accordingly, Alex Mackechnie reportedly has a great talent for playing some FPS games, especially Fortnite. It’s not exaggerated to say that Alex has become a horrible nightmare to any of his friends who plays games with him.

Time goes by and the young gamer has been more confident about his ability and believes that he can become a pro gamer who earns life by playing games. However, like many other gamers, he also faced lots of objections from his parents.

Alex Mackechnie Fortnite

As a piece of evidence, his father even frankly said that Alex could play games on weekends but he had to study hard on weekdays. It is normal for many parents to have the same thinking to Alex’s father: Games should be considered a kind of entertainment, instead of a serious occupation.

However, Alex finally managed to persuade his parents, although only a few gamers can do the same thing. The 17YO gamer has taken part in a countless number of Fortnite competitions and gone live streams at night on weekends.

Pro Gamer
He has now pursued his dream as a pro gamer.

For 18 weeks, he earned up to 42,000 dollars (about Rs31.4 lakh) - the amount that is even much more than his parents earn in a year and a half. And therefore, his father had to change his initial opinion about Alex and decided to allow him to leave school to follow his dream as a pro gamer.

Teen Gamer
In the upcoming time, the teenager is planning to compete at the Fortnite World Cup.

In an interview with the media, Alex’s father revealed that last year, the family had a serious talk to discuss whether Alex should become a pro gamer or not. He added that if his son was a swimmer and dreamed to win the Olympics, he would be responsible for supporting Alex with his whole soul.

At present, Alex Mackechnie has had about 22,000 followers on his private live streaming channel. He has still dreamed of becoming a pro gamer and aimed at the Fortnite World Cup - the competition with the total US$30M prize pool.