Global eSports has collaboration with Harrisburg University, Pennsylvania, that is set to boost the morale of the Indian gaming community. This collaboration will enable Indian eSports players to study at Harrisburg University on a full scholarship program. Moreover, it will provide these students with two courses apart from the existing 37 new courses available with the University.

Now students can learn eSports management and complete a masters degree with the University apart from the part of the University's existing eSports team. One of the major news is that Harrisburg University has also collaborated with Mumbai University. This will help students to transfer their educational certificates and seek admission without any hassle.

Global Esports X Razer
Dr. Rushindra Sinha, Co-founder of Global Esports mentioned that it was just a part of a bigger project

Dr. Rushindra Sinha, an avid gamer and founder of Global eSports spoke to GuruGamer correspondent and said, "We have always believed in providing education. This collaboration will help eSports players to work towards their academics and as well as gaming. We will be hosting the team of Harrisburg University in India and we will be having a show match."

He further said, "Now e-sports being the most sought after field of profession, education is also important and hence two new courses which will teach a budding challenge in 23 different sectors of the gaming industry. Be it casting, broadcasting, coaching, scouting or any other field related to gaming."

Global eSports have also recently opened up their two new boot camps, one at Seoul in South Korea and another at Los Angeles in the United States of America. Their headquarters located in Mumbai also has a boot camp in which players stay and practice various competitive games.

"The idea of having a boot camp is to ensure that a player continues to be motivated. He/she can practice with teammates and perform at tournaments. Our team for Fortnite recently broke a world record of scoring more kills. Our coaches and support staff continue to work on their skills and this is how we manage to develop budding talents", said Sinha.

"Being an avid gamer myself, I believe that academics are important and so collaboration with Harrisburg University is very important for us. The admissions will start early next year and we will be sending Indian e-sports players to the university for further studies."

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