After competing for nearly a month, the NFA League has found the new championship who are the groups of 5 stunning young ladies - the New Girls. If you’re questioning about who they are and how they made it to the first title of NFA, this article will walk you through detailed information about Free Fire New Girls and some rare photos of these beautiful female players.

New Girls is a group of 5 young female Free Fire players from Spain. The team includes the team captain ‘Hype Isa’ Fatureto, Jennifer “Sete” Marchiori, Amanda Bicalho, Bianca “BiaBKR” Sanches, and “JuliaBKR” Yamamoto. Take a look at the photo below:

Free Fire New Girls
Free Fire New Girls - the female Free Fire team who won the NFA championship

In fact, the team has just been together for the past year for the amateur championship and it was not until the NFA League that they won their first major title.

Aboth Bia and Isa kick start their career in 2018 at the time of the beta. It was not a big star but they gradually gained the attention of other teams for their outstanding performance.

According to the captain of Free Fire New Girls Isa, she only considered it as a hobby but changed her point of view and took it as a serious career after joining GG Easy’s guild Magnates. For the unversed, GG Easy was the founder of NewxGaming and also the winner of Pro League season 2. He was also visionary and ambitious about founding a women’s line and was a huge source of inspiration for her.

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Free Fire New Girls
Source: Instagram

Big girls with a small start

Thanks to NewxGame, Isa founded her own team which includes 7 members. Although 5 of them had left, the guild stayed solid with their objective of being the strongest team of the women line. “We had several small achievements when compared to the Free Fire scenario, but we always focus and think about improving," said the captain. In fact, New Girls was the only all-female team to make it to the semifinals of the Pro League championship.

Before making it big at the NFA, New Fire New Girls was consistent about taking part in amateur camps as it was the door for them to get familiar with the competitiveness. They learned how to deal with the pressure while being on those tournaments which pushed them forward and matured.

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Free Fire New Girls
Apart from the name and a few photos, the details information about the team is in secret

In fact, Free Fire New Girls is a self-financed team who made a public dispute on social media in order to exchange for a place in the tournament. When winning a cash prize from a tournament, they will use it to take part in another and reinvest in the team.

Despite the financial struggle, the team has never given up on their goal. “We believe in our potential and gameplay,” stated Isa.

Free Fire New Girls
One of their strongest opponent in the tournament

The troubled trajectory in NFA

Leaving the NFA as the champion, it was, however, a hard-earned victory and their path was full of ups and downs. They ended up at the 16th position in the first round before climbing the table. They ranked 10th position over 12 teams who got into the final. It was a disappointing start and Isa supposed that it was the huge expectation from other people as well as themselves which dragged them down.

Despite the troubled start, the team got themselves together and continued to give off their best shot. However, The New Girls had turned the table and overwhelmed people by winning the tournament.

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Free Fire New Girls
List of teams who got into the final rounds

According to the team captain, the team had two major turning point with the first booyah was in the semifinals while the second one belongs the flawless performance of Mikaelly “Mika” Leite in the final. 

The victory struck a chord among the team members. They changed their strategy and stopped counting on luck. While Mika was taking all the spotlight in the contest and the whole squad was complete, the GOD girls suddenly rushed from a car, knocking everyone down except one player standing. She reserved the situation and eliminated the whole opposing squad.

Talking about the victory, another member of the team Bia admitted that it was tough at first but all of the obstacles only made them stronger. There were times they felt discouraged but it was the solidarity build them up together. “Keep your foot down and don't give up!” she concluded.

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