The National Esports Championship (NESC 2019) was held at Phoneix Market City in Mumbai, India a few days ago on 28th and 29th September. Tekken 7 and eFootball PES 2020 competitors from all over India have gathered here to decide who will represent India to go to the 10th Esports World Championship.

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The NESC 2019 has concluded with 2 winners

Last year, Abhinav Tejan won the NESC 2018 in Tekken 7 and achieved the 4th rank at the 10th Esports World Championship at Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei. Meanwhile, Indian CS: GO team got the 9th rank which put India's overall rank at the 13th place.

This year, Abhinav Tejan has done it again as the winner of NESC 2019. Like previous years, he played against Loveneet Dogra and was able to preserve his win streak. This is the third time we see Abhinav Tejan qualified for Esports World Championship so far. According to IESF Rankings, he is one of the 4 best Tekken players in the world right now.

Asian Games League Of Legends
India has done well in Asian Games last year

As for eFootball PES 2020 qualifiers, Moinuddin Imran has brought everyone a big surprise as the winner, defeating all other players. In the meantime, Ankur and Navaneetha were eliminated in the playoffs loser's bracket by Akshay Jagtap. The final match between Akshay and Moinuddin was super intense, but Moinuddin eventually made it as the new face of India.

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The 11th Esports World Championship will be held in Seoul, Korea

ESFI had a decent performance last year in Asian Game 2018. The Indian player Tirth Mehta got the Bronze medal in Hearthstone and Karan Manganani got 4th place in Clash Royale. India also has the most number of teams participating in the main event of Asian Games last year. ESFI is confident that they will definitely get a medal during this Esports World Championship.

The 11th Esports World Championship will be held in Seoul, Korea for 4 days, from December 11-15.