Information about the star PUBG Mobile player ScoutOP has been very fuzzy lately with the whole roster change things with Fnatic. While ScoutOP confirmed that he will not leave Fnatic, he also didn't appear in their new roster as well. This really confused his fans and make them wonder that where will he go.

Yesterday, Orange Rock has announced on their social media that "Scout has arrived, we welcome scout on loan from Fnatic" along with a video of him wearing Orange Rock uniform.

So what does this mean? ScoutOP still belongs to Fnatic but he will be playing for Orange Rock in the PMIS 2020 and the PMWL Season Zero. ScoutOP actually has been playing for Orange Rock for a while now, but there has not been any official announcement until now.

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Both Orange Rock and Fnatic has been doing really great in the PMIS 2020

This looks like a win-win situation for both Fnatic and ScoutOP. Fnatic is doing great by focusing on Owais while the combination of Mavi, Daljitsk, and ScoutOP is super deadly. In the semi-finals of the PMIS 2020, both Fnatic and Orange Rock has done very well and ended up in the top 3.

The current roster of Orange Rock include:

  • Harmandeep ‘Mavi’ Singh
  • Tanmany ‘Sc0utOP’ Singh
  • Daljit ‘Daljitsk’ Singh
  • Arshdeep ‘GiLL’ Singh
  • Joe Michael ‘Anto’ Anto
  • Viren ‘Viru’ Mahipalsingh Gour
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The addition of ScoutOP in Orange Rock will increase the power of the team by a lot

While ScoutOP didn't get the best results while he was playing for Fnatic, his reputation has been skyrocketed thanks to all the promotion of Fnatic. Since the contract of ScoutOP with Fnatic is confidential, it is not clear if ScoutOP will join Orange Rock permanently afterward or not.

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