The coronavirus has completely thrown off many gaming tournament plans around the world, including PUBG Mobile. Into 2020, PUBG Mobile has completely redesigned the esports structure of the game throughout the year with the PUBG Mobile World League and the PUBG Mobile World Championship. However, the pandemic has delayed everything, causing the Spring Season and probably the world year of  PUBG Mobile esports to be delayed.

pubg mobile esports plan
Here is the plan of PUBG Mobile for their esports scene in 2020

But then PUBG Mobile decided to remove the World Championship from the Spring Season and announced the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero so the Fall Season can start on time.

PMCO Fall Split Registration Date

After the announcement of the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero, PUBG Mobile also announced the date of the PMCO Fall Split Registration. It will start on June 24, 2020, before the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero even starts.

But by doing it this way, there will be a PUBG Mobile World Championship at the end of the season to close up the year and determine the best PUBG Mobile team in the world.

 Pmco Fall Split Registration
The PMCO Fall Split Registration starts on June 24

PMCO Fall Split Registration FAQ

Which teams can join the PMCO Fall Split Registration?

The PMCO Fall Split Registration is held for many different regions all around the world. It is an open tournament for all teams to join, doesn't matter if they are professional teams or amateur teams. Teams can start registering for the tournament after Jun 24 on the official website of the PMCO Fall Split.

Pmco Fall Split Registration
Team SouL will also have to go for the PMCO Fall Split Registration this time because they will not be invited to the PMPL Fall Split South Asia

How to sign up for the PMCO Fall Split Registration?

The PMCO Fall Split Registration will be opening for all PUBG Mobile players to sign up on June 24 on the official website of the PMCO. But you will need to find yourself a squad first in order to sign up. The website has not allowed people to sign up yet but the process should be the same as the PMCO Spring Slit Registration.

You will be presented with a form where you need to fill in the information of your teams such as Team Name, Register Region, Team Logo as well as the information of each member in the team including Name, Email, Character ID, Nationality, Discord ID.

Pmco Fall Split Registration
Here is the registration form for the PMCO Fall Split Registration

After filling in all the fields with the information of your team, you will be able to submit the form to the PMCO Fall Split. Note that your information cannot be changed once you have submitted it.

What are the requirements to join the PMCO Fall Split?

  • You need to be at least 16 years old or older.
  • A team must have at least 3 players from the same region.
  • All players' rank must be Platinum or above at the time of registration.
  • Players can only play the tournament using mobile devices only. The use of tablets, PCs, mouse, and keyboards are forbidden.

What is the format for PMCO Fall Split 2020 India?

Pmco Fall Split Registration
After the PMCO Fall Split Registration, teams will have to go through many phases to get to the PMPL South Asia

Teams who play in the PMCO Fall Split 2020 India will have to go through multiple stages to reach the Grand Finals and ultimately the PMPL South Asia.

  • Teams who have successfully registered for the PMCO Fall Split 2020 India will have to go through the In-Game Qualifiers. Teams will have to play at least 8 games and up to 32 games. Teams who have the most points based on their best 8 games will move on.

Pmco Fall Splti 1

  • The top 32 teams from the In-Game Qualifier will advance into the PMCO Fall Split 2020 Group Stage.
  • The top 24 teams from the PMCO Fall Split 2020 Group Stage will move on to the PMCO Fall Split 2020 Semi-Finals.
  • The top 16 teams from the PMCO Fall Split 2020 Semi-Finals will move on to the PMCO Grand Finals.
  • The 8 teams from the PMCO Grand Finals will be qualified for the PMPL Fall Split 2020 South Asia. There will be teams from other PMCO in South Asia and the top teams from Spring Season as well.
Pmco Fall Split
These teams won't have to go through the PMCO Fall Split Registration because they will be directly invited

PMCO Fall Split Prize Pool

The prize pool of the PMCO Fall Split is $1,000,000.

Image 1 Pmco Fall Split

PMCO Fall Split Schedule

The registration process starts from June 24 until July 12. The second will be the Qualification which starts from July 17 to July 27. The Regional Group Stage and the Regional Semi Finals will be held during August. The Regional Finals will start in September.


PMCO 2020 Spring Split India Results

In the PMCO 2020 Spring Split India, there were more than 42,000 teams registered for the tournament. Team GodLike won the PMCO 2020 Spring Split India Gran Finals. Along with GodLike, Orange Rock, Megastars, Macros Gaming, Fnatic, UMumba Esports, VSG Crawlers, Celtz was qualified for the PMPL South Asia.

 Pmco spring Split india
These 8 teams qualified for the PMPL Spring Split South Asia through the PMCO India

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