PUBG Mobile Club Open is an annual PUBG Mobile event taking place twice a year, in the spring and the fall. This year, the PMCO group stage starts on February 7th in India. Then, it begins a few days later in other countries. Before the new PMCO Global Stage starts this year, let’s take a quick look at the PMCO results of the previous tournament with

PMCO Results 2019

The previous PMCO Fall Split 2019 Global Finals took place from November 29th to December 1st, 2019. Regional qualifiers were hosted in different countries and areas all over the world. 13 top teams from those regions were directly qualified to the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals. There were three slots as the second chance for three top teams from PMCO Prelims. Check out PMCO fall split results here with

Pmco Fall Split Results: India representatives
PMCO Fall Split 2019 India Qualifier

PMCO Prelims Results

After the regional qualifier stage, only 13 top teams headed to the finals stage and lots of teams failed to this global event. The organizers gave those teams a second chance in the prelim stage. In PMCO Fall Split 2019, 16 teams failing the direct ticket to the global finals will compete for the last three slots.

The prelim stage took place from November 23rd to 25th, 2019. After 18 matches, three winning teams were chosen out of 16 teams to join 13 top teams in the global finals. And check out the PMCO prelims results and highlights in the last tournament here.

Pmco Prelims Results Three Teams Were Qualified To
PMCO Prelims Results: Three Teams Were Qualified To The Finals Stage

MEGA Conqueror, Bigetron RA, and Orange are three ultimate winners from PMCO Prelims. Unfortunately, three Indian representatives SynerGE, Team Insidious, and TeamIND lost the chance. However, three winners deserve those slots with excellent performance and impressive PMCO results. Moreover, these three representatives from the prelims stage also had impressive results.

PMCO Final Results

The PMCO Fall Split 2019 Grand Finals took place from November 29th to December 1st, 2019 in Malaysia. 16 best teams all over the world joined in a competition for the global championship. After four days of competition with sixteen rounds, Bigetron RA won the first prize and brought home over Rs 146 lakh. Significantly, Bigetron RA is one of three teams heading to the grand finals through the prelims stage.

PMCO Results: Bigetron RA Got The Trophy
Bigetron RA Got The Trophy Of PMCO 2019 Fall Split Event

Like Bigetron, MEGA Conqueror is another team making big surprise in PMCO results when getting the third prize. A Chinese representative, TOP Esports, won the second prize and brought home Rs 75 lakh. Team SouL and Entity Gaming are two Indian representatives joining in the finals stage. They got 5th and 12th place in the PMCO final results.

PMCO Spring Split 2020

PMCO India Group Stage Results Day 1

The PMCO 2020 has begun a few weeks ago in India with the online stage and group stage. The group stage in India has started on February 7th, 2020. There are 32 top teams from the online stage joining in this competition to choose 24 top teams to attend in the semi-final. Here are some highlights and PMCO results after the first day.

PMCO Results Day 1: Orange Rock Esports Is Standing On The First Place
Orange Rock Esports Is Standing On The First Place After Day 1

On day 1, 16 teams in groups A and B will compete in four matches. Four games in the first competing day took place in four different maps of PUBG Mobile. After the first day of competition, team Orange Rock is leading the overall standings with 53 points, including 21 kill points.

Although team Aim didn’t get any win after the first day of the PMCO India group stage, they still got the second place with 53 points. Obviously, four members of team Aim are having stable manners and good skills. However, they need more luck and better performance in the last circle to get a chicken dinner in later days.

PMCO Results After Day 1
Overall Standing After Day 1

Standing in the third place, team Revenger also got a chicken dinner in game 2 after defeating team Aim. Team Genocide and team Elves, two other teams getting chicken dinners after the first day are standing on the fourth and eighth places.

PMCO India Group Stage Results Day 2

PMCO Spring Split 2020 Group Stage in India day 2 took place at 6:00 pm IST on February 8th among 16 teams from groups C and D. The PMCO results will be updated gradually on Just follow and update the latest news of this tournament. Let's check out PMCO group stage day 2 results

Pmco Results Day 2 Of India Group Stage
PMCO Group Stage Day 2: Mayhem Takes #1 Place With Impressive Points

On the second day of competition, Mayhem excellently got three chicken dinners out of four matches. Then, this team temporarily took the top place with 110 points with 42 kill points. What an amazing number. Icky Mafia won one chicken dinner and got 18 kills but they still stood behind Fnatic in second place and ELMTesports in the third place. It’s because these two teams got more impressive kill points with 27 kills and 23 kills.

Pmco Results: Mayhem Team
PMCO Results: Mayhem Won 3 Chicken Dinners In Day 2

Team Orange Rock and team Aim temporarily fell to the fifth and sixth place as they didn’t join any match on day 2.

PMCO India Group Stage Results Day 3

The next competition day in PMCO Spring Split happened between groups A and D. Team Orange Rock came back to the first place in overall standings after day 3 with further two Chicken Dinners. PMCO results updated after day 3 showed that Fnatic hasn’t got any Chicken Dinner but they still occupied second place with a total of 47 kills after 8 matches. Obviously, luck hasn’t come to aggressive players of Team Fnatic when they miss the victory many times.

Pmco Results Day 3
PMCO Results Day 3: Team Orange Rock Took Back The First Place, Team Aztec ESP Jumped To #4 Place From #23

Although Mayhem didn’t join the third competition day, they still preserved the third place in the overall standings with the impressive points they got on day 2. Meanwhile, Aztec ESP made an outstanding performance and mind-blowing speed-up in day 2 with two Chicken Dinners and 37 kills only on day 3. They jumped from the 23rd place with only 24 points and 10 kills after day 1 to the fourth place with a total of 105 points. Team Aim temporarily fell to 9th place and they would come back in PMCO group stage day 4. Could they make a big change in PMCO results after the last day of the PMCO Spring Split 2020 Indian group stage? Keep updating the results with

PMCO India Group Stage Results Day 4

As predicted, the PMCO India group stage day 4 was over and team Mayhem easily took back the first place. With one Chicken Dinner and 21 kills on day 4, they made a total of 167 points and occupied the first place in the overall standings. They also created a 33-point gap with team Orange Rock in the second place.

Pmco Results Day 4
PMCO Results Day 4: Mayhem Came Back To The First Place, Team Orange Rock Occupied The Second Place

In the third and fourth places, although teams Fnatic and ELMTesports didn’t get any Chicken Dinner, they still got great kill points. If these aggressive players can join the following stages, they cause great fear for their opponents.

The black horse Aztec ESP still preserved the sixth place when other teams on day 4 couldn’t surpass their total point of 105. Just above Aztec ESP is vsgCRAWLERS with only 3 points higher. Team Aim caused great disappointment when falling directly from 9th place to 18th place.

Pmco Results Team Aztec Esp Is The Black Horse
The Black House Aztec Esp Made A Great Performance And Occupied High Place In The Overall Standings

Here are some highlights and PMCO results of the previous season as well as updates about the PMCO Spring Split 2020 in India. To update the latest mobile game and esports news, let’s visit