PMPL South Asia 2020 Week 1 Day 3 was played yesterday, continuing from where the PMPL South Asia left off 2 months ago when the lockdown started. 20 teams from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal once again have the chance to battle each other for the slot in the PUBG Mobile World League and $61,500.

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TSM-Entity is now on the top

After 5 matches of Day 3, despite only have played 11 games, TSM-Entity has already gotten the top position with 173 points and one extra Chicken Dinner on Day 3.

SynerGE and UMumbaEsports dropped to 2nd place and 3rd place with 170 points and 167 points respectively. While they seem to be pretty close to TSM-Entity, they are actually quite behind as they have already played 15 matches. SynerGE is currently the team with the most number of kills so far.

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PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Overall Standings after Week 1 Day 3
PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Overall Standings after Week 1 Day 3

Fnatic was doing fine on Day 3 and kept their 7th place. But it looks like that we cannot expect much from them in this tournament as the team will be breaking apart after the PMPL South Asia.

Team SouL made a small progress on Day 3 and climbed to the top 12 with 86 points in total. No Chicken Dinner, they came close to it once as they finished 3rd on the fourth match. They are surely playing better than they were before but we will still have to see that if it enough or not.

Stay tuned with us and we will update you with the latest information about the PMPL South Asia. Also, it was MortaL's birthday yesterday. If you weren't aware then let drop by his Youtube channel or Instagram to give him your best wishes.

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