Yesterday was the start of the second week of the PMPL South Asia 2020. Team Orange Rock temporarily get ahead of GodLike, but only because they played more matches yesterday. Orange Rock is currently sitting at 290 points with 5 Chicken Dinner, 30 points more than GodLike in second place.

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PMPL South Asia 2020 Overall results and standings after Week 2 Day 1

SyngerGE, TSM-Entity, Fnatic all played 5 matches yesterday, but they were not able to surpass GodLike. SyngerGE, TSM-Entity, Fnatic is currently having 255 points, 237 points, and 223 points respectively.

Fnatic could have done better in the last game though if ScoutOP didn't have to deal with his Parachute bug yet again. the player has already encountered this bug during the Semi-Final of the PMCO India a few months ago. Fnatic was dominating at that time so the bug didn't result caused any harm on the overall result back then but not now when teams are trying their best to earn every single point possible.

ScoutOP touched the ground but the parachute didn't disappear. And so he keeps "flying" around on the ground for a while before getting teleported to a river nearby and get killed immediately by a member of team U Mumba Esports.

Team SouL placed in the middle in most matches. But in their final match on Vikendi, they had a really good chance of getting a Chicken Dinner. There were only 2 surviving teams in the final circle, SouL, and INES. Both teams had all 4 members and were secured inside their own compound.

But the circle ended up favored for INES, forcing SouL to come out into the middle of the open space and lost the Chicken Dinner. SouL managed to deal some damage and knocked down one of them but it was impossible for them to push. It was still a great match for them with 14 kills even without the Chicken Dinner.

The PMPL South Asia 2020 will be continued on Friday this week so teams have a few days to rest before coming back to the battlefield.

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