Last night was the last day of the first week of the PMPL South Asia 2020. Team GodLike led by Kroten has come on top of TSM Entity and took the 1st place with a total of 254 points and 99 kills. Meanwhile, TSM Entity had one of their worst days ever with only 19 points over 5 matches. They dropped to third place as a result of a total of 194 points.

In the second place was team Orange Rock with a total of 241 points, only a little bit behind team GodLike. Orange Rock is no doubt the best performing team in the final day of the first week with 3 Chicken Dinner out of 5 matches. In fact, if GodLike didn't have a strong lead since the beginning, Orange Rock would have been on op right now.

Pmpl South Asia Week 1
PUBG Mobile South Asia 2020 Week 1 Day 4 Results and Overall Standings
En Pmpl South Asia Day 4 W 1 Pubg Mobile Pro Leagu
PUBG Mobile South Asia 2020 Week 1 Day 4 Results and Overall Standings

SynerGE, IND, and U Mumba Esports have been very consistent and always placed themselves among the top teams throughout the tournament. SynerGE is having 182 points, followed by IND and U Mumba Esports, both with 172 points.

Mortal 96db
MortaL didn't get the Chicken Dinner for his birthday, but it was still a good Chicken Dinner anyway

One notable highlight in yesterday's matches was team SouL. Their fans have been waiting for this Chicken Dinner for a while they made it. It's a little sad that they didn't get it on MortaL's birthday. They secured their high ground during the third match, preventing any team from getting inside the circle, and finally a got a Chicken Dinner with 14 kills. Team SouL is climbing up slowly and is now in 9th place with a total of 138 points.

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