PMPL South Asia Finals is the final chance for teams in the South Asia region to get into the PUBG Mobile World League. 16 teams competing with each other for 3 days for the slots as well as the prize pool of $138.500.

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The PMPL South Asia Finals features a prize pool of $138.500 and 3 slots for the PUBG Mobile World League

At the end of Day 1, an underdog team, Celtz has surprisingly claimed the top position with a total of 71 points and 27 kills. While having only one Chicken Dinner, they managed to get 44 placement points by consistently being in the top 5 of every match.

Orange Rock was in second place with 2 Chicken Dinner. However, apart from their 2 Chicken Dinner, they were eliminated early in 3 other matches so they ended up with 62 points in total, still a very good result. GodLike was in third place with the same total points as Orange Rock and 1 Chicken Dinner.

Orange Rock
Orange Rock got 2 Chicken Dinner but died early in the other 3 matches

Maros Gaming followed right behind in fourth place with 60 points and an impressive number of 28 kills followed by UMumba in the 5th place with 53 points and also 28 kills.

Fnatic decided to replace ScoutOP with Ronak after the first horrible match and it was the right decision as they managed to get to the top 6 at the end of the day, not falling behind other teams too much. Since Orange Rock and GodLike already qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League, they actually still have a lot of chances to get that slot.

Fnatic 0453 1b36
ScoutOP was replaced by Ronak after the first game and Fnatic managed to get to the top 6

TSM-Entity fell short with only 42 points in 10th place but it doesn't really matter as they already qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League. But team SouL, they are in a very bad position in the 13th place with 27 points. The PMPL South Asia Finals is only 3 days long and the time left is short. If we cannot see any significant improvement from team SouL on Day 2, it likely that we will not get to see team SouL in the PUBG Mobile World League this time.

The PMPL South Asia Finals is going to resume this evening for Day 2 from 6.30 PM onward. Don't miss the stream on the PUBG Mobile India Official and PUBG Mobile Esports Youtube channel.

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