The third day of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 East Finals has ended. 16 teams are fighting each other for the huge prize pool of $425,000.

After 6 matches on Day3, Bigetron RA is still sitting on the top position with a total of 217 points with 2 Chicken Dinner and 86 points. However, their actual chance of winning the Finals isn't too much bigger than the other teams in the top 5, including RRQ Athena, U Level Up Esports, Box Gaming, and Orange Rock.

Pmwl East League Finals Points Table Day 3 Overall
PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East Finals Day 3 overall results and standings
Pmwl East League Finals Points Table Day 3 Overall
PUBG Mobile World League2020 East Finals Day 3 overall results and standings

RRQ Athena has climbed to the second place right next to Bigetron RA with the same total score of 217 points. RRQ Athena has less 7 kills than Bigetron RA but that will hardly be the decisive factor after the last day of the Finals.

U Level Up Esports and Box Gaming is just right behind in 3rd place with 213 points and 4th place with 211 points. Finally, we have Orange Rock in 5th place with a total of 199 points. Orange Rock had an amazing run on Day 3 as they won a Chicken Dinner, raked up 30 kills and a total of 83 points.

They are a little bit behind, but the gap is not too much and they totally have a big chance to compete with other teams in the top 4 for the championship with they keep this up.

Megastars and GXr Celtz also got themselves one Chicken Dinner each on Day 3 but those Chicken Dinner are not enough to get them anywhere near the top.

Following Orange Rock are Team IND, TSM-Entity, and Megastars. However, with the gaps of 30 plus points, they have much less chance to get to the top unless there is a miracle. There are only 6 matches left and it doesn't look like that any team on the top is slowing down at all.

Pmwl Season Zero Fa36
There isonly 1 day left in the PMWL Finals

Today is the final day of the PMWL 2020 East Finals. This is the most important day when everything will be settled down and the first champion of the PMWL will be revealed. You can catch the live stream of the tournament starting from 5:30 PM IST on the PUBG Mobile Esports or PUBG Mobile India Official Youtube channel.

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