The PMWL East 2020 was scheduled to start on July 10 and all teams have been preparing for the last week to be ready for this moment. However, the tournament has been delayed once again, this time because PUBG Mobile cannot handle the problems in the game.

47244 Pmwl Delay

Many players have been reporting to PUBG Mobile that the game crash constantly on iOS devices. iPhone X is the favorite device that many pro PUBG Mobile use to play the game including MortaL and this problem prevents them from joining the tournament. For this problem, the PMWL East was rescheduled to be played on July 11 at 5:30 PM instead so the dev team can fix the problem.

"Hello everyone, We are aware of the current login problem iOS users are encountering with PUBG Mobile at the moment, which is not caused by our game. This issue affects multiple apps and games on iOS. We are actively looking into solutions as we speak. Unfortunately, due to this roadblock, we are forced to delay the start of the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero tournament and broadcast until tomorrow, hoping that all problems will be resolved by then. Please stay tuned for updates, thanks for your understanding and patience."

It is not sure that this problem will be fixed in just one day or not. This is not the first time problems have arisen during this million-dollar tournament though. Players have been encountering many bugs during the tournaments such as the smoke bug or parachute bug that cost players their match.

The PMWL West 2020 is also having to suffer the latency issue but it can't be helped as the tournament is in an online format because of the coronavirus.

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