The first day of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero has finally started, beginning the final war of PUBG Mobile Spring Season. A total of 20 best PUBG Mobile teams from the East, including 7 Indian PUBG Mobile teams, come together to fight for the enormous prize pool of $4,25,000.

There was a total of 5 matches on the first day with 2 matches one Erangel and 1 match for each other map.

Bigetron RA has lived up to the expectation of their fans as the former world champion and completely dominated the whole day with a total of 89 points with 2 Chicken Dinner and 28 kills. They have got a flawless start on the first day with a huge lead against all other teams.

Orange Rock was the one that was closest to Biggetron RA after Day 1 with a total of 64 points. The Indian PUBG Mobile team also had a great start with a Chicken Dinner and 23 kills. While it was nowhere near the result of  Bigetron RA , they were quite ahead of other teams. It seems that the addition of ScoutOP in Orange Rock has worked wonderfully.

YOODO Gank and RRQ Athena went 3rd place with 49 points and 48 points respectively, both with no Chicken Dinner.

Team IND and Celtz went 5th place with 43 points and 8th place with 37 points, which put them in a decent position so they can climb to the top 3.

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Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero Opening Weekend Day 1
Overall Standings Pmwl East Opening Weekend Day 1
Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero Opening Weekend Day 1

The biggest disappointment of Day 1 was TSM-Entity. They have been known as the best PUBG Mobile team in India and even just have won the PMIS 2020 recently. However, on the first day of the PMWL  East, They ended up the last position with only 16 points over 5 matches. That is roughly 3 points per match only.

According to Jonathan, the team was suffering from a very bad ping issue, making it impossible for them to anything. Because of the coronavirus, the tournament had to to be held online, and ping is an inevitable problem that can't be helped. Let's hope that they will be able to do better on the second day.

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