The second day of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East 2020 Season Zero Opening Weekend has ended and surprisingly, the standings of the top 5 teams don't change at all.

We still have Bigetron RA in the top position with an even bigger gap against other teams with another Chicken Dinner, increasing their Chicken Dinner count to 3. Bigetron RA is currently having a total of 136 points with 48 kills.

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Orange Rock maintained their top 2 position after Day 2

Orange Rock still managed to keep their 2nd place on Day 2 with 108 points. However, other teams are moving very fast to catch up with them. YODOO Gank is still in second place but they are now only 9 points behind Orange Rock with a total of 99 kills.

Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero Opening Weekend Day 2
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Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero Opening Weekend Day 2

In 4th place is team RRQ Athena, who has the most number of kills in the tournament so far with 50 kills. However, their placements points are surprisingly low with only 39 points, which is the reason why they can't be in the top 3.

Team IND, on the other hand, only has 32 kills but has the same total points as RR Athena because of their consistent placements in all matches.

SynerGE was the highlight of the entire Day 2 as they jumped straight from the top 15 to the top 6 in one day. With 1 Chicken Dinner on Day 2, they are now right behind Team IND and RR Athena with 83 points.

TSM-Entity is slowly picking up the pace after the horrible first day because of the ping problem. The results in the Opening Weekend won't hurt their final results. But if they cannot solve it soon then they will have no chance in later stages.

PMWL East 2020 Season Zero Opening Weekend

There is a total of 4 stages in the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero. The Opening Weekend is just to place teams in different groups for the League Stage so its results won't carry over to later stages. for more information about the format of the PMWL East, check out this article.

Because of a serious crash problem with iOS devices, the Opening Weekend is now one day behind the schedule. The next day of the tournament will be held tomorrow at 5:30 PM. You can check out the stream of it on the PUBG Mobile India Official Youtube channel.