Indian esports lovers all know of Proving Grounds. This is one of the biggest and most well-known esports organizers among the Indian esports community. Last year, Proving Grounds has successfully hosted the first esports event season, which took place on May 19 to May 20, 2018, in Koramangala, Bengaluru city. Last year Proving Grounds' event gathered 173 pro players competing in the event.

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Proving Grounds 2018 was a huge success

Due to the huge success of last year, this year Proving Grounds decides to host the Proving Grounds Round 2, and this event is expected to to be huger and more successful than last year. This year the event will feature tournaments for five following titles:

• Tekken 7 on PlayStation 4 platform
• Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on PlayStation 4 platform
• PUBG on PC – Online platform
• Smash Ultimate on Nintendo Switch platform
• FIFA 19 on PlayStation 4 platform

In this year, the second round of Proving Grounds will take place on May 17-19 (which is literally this weekend). This time, the event will feature a total prize pool of Rs 300,000 in total. The tournament for Tekken 7 title in the event is a part of Tekken World Tour. This event will also is a big Smash Ultimate tournament in India, and the last time Smash Ultimate fans in India had a big tournament for this title is the DreamHack: Mumbai 2018.

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Proving Grounds Round 2 seems to be a successful event too

The PUBG tournament in this Proving Grounds Round 2 will be played online in the squad mode only, and it will feature a prize pool of Rs 50,000 for the best three teams of the tournament. There will be 40 squads in this tournament, and the rule will be first come first serve. Best of two will be the mode for the qualifier, and best of four will be the mode for the finale.

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This event also witnesses the thrilling shooting actions of PUBG

Sudhanshu Sharma (aka Sudzman or DocOcktavious) is the very famous Street Fighter gamer and he is also in charge of the Proving Grounds. This man had some words about the event.