The PUBG Mobile esports scene in India is soaring every day with teams constantly exchanging, getting new players for their rosters to prepare for the upcoming season. The registration for the PUBG Mobile Open Club (PMCO) Fall Split 2020 is about to close and soon the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia will come as well with the  PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East.

Elm Esports
Element Esports just announced their new roster for the PMCO Fall Split 2020

Speaking of new teams being form, Element Esports has just announced their new roster for the Fall season of PUBG Mobile esports. It was announced on their social media yesterday on their social media. Sangwan is not included in the roster because as he mentioned, he was just playing temporarily for the team. Their roster consists of 5 players:

  • Vinay "ELMT Iconic" Gahlot
  • Hrithik "ELMT Dark" Saxena
  • Rahul "ELMT Novaking" Dhankar
  • Aditya "ELMT Paansingh" Paansingh
  • Parth "ELMT Delta" Garg

Iconic, Novaking and Dark are all familiar faces to the Indian PUBG Mobile community. They have been around in the PUBG Mobile esports scene in India for a long time in big teams such as ETG. Brawlers and Powerhouse. Hrithik "ELMT Dark" Saxena is one of the best support players in India while Vinay "ELMT Iconic" Gahlot is really well-known for tactical gameplay.

Pmco202006 D6fbe00
The PMCO Fall Split is coming very soon so teams have to be prepared for it

Aditya "ELMT Paansingh" Paansingh came to the scene since the PMCO Fall Split 2020. He was in team Zero Degree and was the one who got the most kills in the whole tournament. He also used to be in team UMumba Esports in the PMPL 2020 before the roster disbanded.

Rahul "ELMT Novaking" Dhankar joined the team as a content creator. His Youtube channel is currently having more than 3.6 lakh subscribers.

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